Pre Vacation diet

The winter blahs…we all get them. Day in and day out of grey skies and cold temps. We just want the beach, blue skies, warm air and palm trees.


We book those warm weather vacations  and count down the days.  We say to ourselves, “This time, I am wearing that great swimsuit and I will look fantastic. I may even brek out my bikini”

We have it in our mind that we are getting beach ready! Then excuses and the winter blahs set in and out of nowhere we are t-minus 3 weeks away from hopping on that plane and you realize, your goals didn’t align with your effort-eeek!!

Here are some tips to get vacation ready fast:

-try on your bathing suit (you too men) – take your measurements so you can track your progress


-take your pic in your bathing suit and keep it close, its a great reminder of why you are making changes!!

-put your family on notice … no more junk!


-clean out the cupboards – the less temptation there is, the better you will stay the course!

-grocery shop and have your meal plan prepared. Make sure you are packing your lunches, you have healthy snacks ready to go. If you are stuck, you will look for the quickest option and that usually is fast food or a restaurant–no excuses, be prepared.

-plan your workouts – you need to workout everyday, end of discussion. No sympathy here from me. You put this off, so now its time to get hardcore!


-enlist the support of family and friends – you dont want to be covered up your entire vacation or not be willing to take some pictures.

-drink water like it is your job – 3-4L everyday – no negotiations here


-stay positive! your hard earned money has gone into this trip, so stick with this plan so you can enjoy your time off

-there are no deals – you can’t say “I will eat this muffin and not eat lunch” or “I will workout twice as hard tomorrow” no deals!

-speaking of muffins…no processed carbs…NONE. If it has a label, don’t eat it! JERF-just eat real food.


-you know you will be happier if you feel better…so, do the work. Buckle down and commit to fit!

Once you get off that plane you will have all of the confidence in the world walking along the beach!


Ahhhhhh…goodbye winter.




I’m Officially a Cruiser!

So, I’m officially a cruiser!

I’ve always wondered why people are so hooked on cruising and now I FINALLY GET IT…I finally get it!

After this short cruise, I can honestly say I cannot wait to get cruising again! #hooked

I’ve always been reluctant to try cruising. We were always all inclusive resort vacationers, which I still love but now my world has been opened up! You know, try new things; keep an open mind and all. I was always worried about not being happy on a ship or being bored. I was blown away with Royal Caribbean‘s Freedom of the Seas. There was so much to do and I WANTED TO DO IT ALL! I wanted to wake up early and go to bed late…just so I could experience all she had to offer.

I was just like a kid, excited at every turn. I couldn’t stop saying “I love this” or “this is so awesome”.

I was in awe of the detail that is on and in the Freedom of the Seas. I was floored by all of the dining options but I was even more impressed and thrilled that there were so many fitness/athletic options!! #heaven

As a first time cruiser, every experience was new and exciting. It was great to meet experienced cruisers to get their insight and must do’s.

The Freedom of the Seas is newly updated and let me tell you, she is fantastic! Having really had nothing to compare it to except perhaps a hotel, I can say that the amenities, appointments and detail were just as good, if not better than many brand name hotels I’ve stayed at.

I looked at all of the options I could do while on board:

3D movie theatre – check

Outdoor movie screen – check

“Flowrider” Surf Simulator- check

Ice skating show – check

Rock climbing wall, mini golf – check check

Library – check

H20 Water park on board – check

State of the art fitness center – check

Spa treatments – check

Cupcake Cupboard, Vinteges Wine Bar, Sabor Mexican restaurant-check, check, check!

Character meet and greet with Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda characters- selfie check!

If you have not cruised then book one! I had such a great time! If you need a travel companion, let me know, I just can’t wait to get cruising again

Enough talk from me, take a look at a few of my pics and fall in love with Freedom Of The Sea’s.

2015-01-30 18.23.45

Promedade deck – turns into a street party at night!! woot woot!


Coffee...yes please!

Coffee…yes please!


Movie theater

Movie theater-I should’ve taken a better picture :(

Need to relax, head over to the library!

Need to relax, head over to the library! Shhhhh

This literally makes my heart rate jump!! Happiness!!

This literally makes my heart rate jump!! Happiness!!

Fully equipped fitness center #Love

Fully equipped fitness center #Love

Spinning class..yes please!!

Spinning class..yes please!!

Group fitness studio = awesome! #noexcuses #SomethingForEveryone

Group fitness studio = awesome! #noexcuses #SomethingForEveryone

Cupcake shop on board...come on!

Cupcake shop on board…come on!




Onboard water park for the was awesome!

Onboard water park for the kiddos…it was awesome!

Ice show - amazng talent, amazing show!

Ice show – amazng talent, amazing show!

Ice rink on a ship--amazing!!! #impressed

Ice rink…ice rink on a ship–amazing!!! #impressed

Rock climbing = serious workout! Rock climbing while at sea...unreal!

Rock climbing = serious workout! Rock climbing while at sea…unreal!

Surfing, and wake boarding...really!

Surfing, and wake boarding…really!

Fore!!!!!!! Hitting the links before the sun sets.

Fore!!!!!!! Hitting the links before the sun sets.

I love these wild animals! Took selfies with them at every opportunity!

I love these wild animals! Took selfies with them at every opportunity!

New Mexican cuisine on board. Flavour explosion!

New Mexican cuisine on board. Flavour explosion!

Table side fresh guacamole...this is just the best!

Table side fresh guacamole…this is just the best!

Sunset on the open seas. Such an incredible experience.

Sunset on the open seas. Such an incredible experience.

Full Disclosure: Royal Caribbean provided this trip to showcase the Freedom of The Seas refurbishment. I was not required to write about my experience. I am writing about it because it was an incredible time and the experience has left me wanting more and sharing it with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s  Valentine’s Day (week)  and I will admit like most women, I looooove Valentine’s Day.

Now I know right now you are probably thinking that I am going to go on and on in this post about not eating candy and that extra weight is harmful to your heart – so now that I have covered that I can move on.

I used to love it for other reasons.  I used to love it because the stores were lined with red and white candy in early January. I used to love it because it was just another reason to eat and celebrate with food.  But, then I used to be over 225 pounds too.

Valentines Day used to be a sanctioned day for me to eat chocolate and all sorts of other sugary candy.  By that alone, how could you not feel love on such a day???  I lived in denial for many, many years. Fact: food will never give you love or make you feel loved. It did the opposite for me….I pushed people away because I was insecure about my weight and how I looked.

Sharing moment:  After my pregnancies, I had a lot of weight to lose and I didn’t want to be seen or even hugged.  There was no Valentine’s romance for me or my beloved :( I came up with every excuse no time, too tired, I will start on Monday, this one bite won’t hurt.  It went on and on.  I felt like I did when I weighed over 225lbs….

Then, I regrouped and made the effort—healthy meals and exercise.  I lost all of the pregnancy weight,  (had to do that twice).  I have a very patient and loving husband who was and is very supportive. So when I tell you that I know how you feel, I actually do.

Valentine’s Day for me is not about the chocolate and candy.  It’s about loving me….loving a healthy version of me.  If I love myself then I can love others in my life and that is something we all deserve, as do the ones who love us.

I still have issues (alert sharing moment number two coming up). I have stretch marks -ugh I don’t love them and never will…..but it is a reminder of where I don’t want to be.  I have the scars that come with 2 C-sections – and I have stretched skin… “Hello I have twins!!!” So I have a couple of physical issues that I don’t love…but I love that I am healthy and that I am not overweight anymore.

Being overweight was the hardest thing for me–mentally and physically. I didn’t love myself enough to do something (exercise and eat right) for a long time when I was younger.

If you lost the extra weight you have been talking about losing, whether it is 5 lbs or 50lbs, you will feel better not only physically in that your body will be able to move better, you will be less achy, you will be able to do more BUT you will feel better in that you will have the confidence to do more-losing that weight will give you the confidence to try a new activity or to re connect with your spouse in a romantic way.

Yes, I constantly preach about being healthy because I have played on both sides and I know that being on Team Healthy is a better life than being on Team Candy

Ok…so let’s lighten (hehehe lighten–get it) this up a bit.  If, you want to fully experience your Valentine’s Day….then choose wisely…..if you must have chocolate then choose a good piece of healthy dark chocolate.  Please note that I said piece not the foot long chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate should be at least 70% cocao.  Enjoy it–actually taste the flavour, don’t just inhale it.

It is the same with wine.  Now, I don’t drink alcohol (simmer down I don’t like the taste of it) and if I am going to ingest calories, I’m eating them not slurping them down.  Ok, back to the wine analogy.  Having a good piece of dark chocolate is the same (I think) as having a nice glass of wine.  You don’t want cheap, plastic tasting chocolate—just like you don’t want wine out of a box.

Make Valentine’s 2015 different, don’t do the candy, eat and exercise so you protect your heart and can live a long, loving life.

Be romantic with your spouse, or loved one…rekindle that romance.

A note to all saboteurs: Stop pushing your candy on people who don’t want it or need it.  If you are trying to get people around you to gain weight or to make them feel miserable…stop it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.  Keep on or start loving yourself!!!




5 tough love truths about weight loss

I have been writing about health, fitness and weightloss for years, many, MANY years. My message hasnt changed. Don’t believe me, go look through all of my posts, I promise it’s a good read!

I don’t know how many ways I can say eat real food and work out.  I’ve said it in a nice way. I have been sharp in my tone, I have written with love and I have out and out pleaded and STILL people are fighting this battle or emailing me “what can I do”, “I need to lose weight, can you help”

Here is the short list of what you need to hear:

-Stop eating crap…end of discussion.

You eat crap you look like crap, it doesnt get any simpler than that.

stop eating crap cleanse eat-like-crap1-300x209


-Close your mouth

Most people who are looking to lose weight, really dont experience real hunger. It’s ok to let your stomach growl. You eat out of boredom or you eat because your blood sugar is sky high and you blood sugar is high because you eat junk #visciouscycle #stopit



-You think you deserve a treat

No you don’t. Treats and excuses have gotten you to this point. You deserve to sweat it out on the treadmill and do push ups thats what you deserve. “Just a little bit” or “I just had a couple of bites” tells me loud and clear that you aren’t serious about losing weight.

bla bla bla


-You think you should be down 20lbs in a week

You get frustrated because you “only” lost 2lbs in a week. Instead of being proud and fired up, you get upset and pouty. Let’s be clear…YOU HAVE HURT your body and it takes time to fix it. You gained this weight over the course of months or years and it will take sweat and sacrifice to get the pounds off. If you are going to be a suck about it, then you better get use to the weight you are at.

excuses dont burn calories pic


keep pushing


-You think some kind of fad diet, special pill will do the trick

It won’t now and never will. You know that, so stop. Do the work.


I have kept over 100lbs off for almost 20 years and it was done by eating real food and exercising…that’s the magic…taa daaaa!

kinda sorta





What would you say to your kids?

We all make mistakes and some days we make a heap load of mistakes.

Some days we are on fire…everything is going right…choices are easy, the day is flowing you are working your mojo. Then there are other days that the minute you open your eyes things  seem (*seem*) to be on a downward spiral.
Those days that are not ideal, alot of people seem to throw their hands up and say “to heck with it”
I am just going to eat whatever I want.
Food will never fix a problem. (Neither will wine!)
I like simple. Complicated makes me tense.
Here is a quick fix if you are struggling, having a bad day, unsure of what to do…ask yourself this…
What would you say to your kids? If you dont’t have kids what would you say to a friend if they were in that situation?
If your kids were inhaling  a container of ice cream would you not tell them to stop it?
What if they pulled out a bag of chips and went to town on it, would you not tell them to stop?
*side note* what are you doing with chips and ice cream in the house anyway?!! lol
If your kids said they were tired and didn’t want to go to practice, would you tell them to just go and lay on the couch?
Same goes for you–we all have long days, but you can still push yourself to get your workout in!
Tough love for your kids is exactly what you need!
Don’t give yourself permission to do something that you would advise others not to do.
*Oh on that note — STOP telling your friends “have some wine, it will all be better” Wine or fattening food will not fix your day or your problems – so stop!
I think that is pretty simple.
If its not ok for your kids, its not ok for you! Image
Use that the next time you say there is nothing to eat in the house or that you had a crappy day and that the only thing that would make you feel better is chocolate….because that is a load of garbage….those are just excuses!
Now you have a new strategy…use it!
In the process it helps you be a better role model for your family and friends!!!