10 Things I LOVE…now that I’m not 220 pounds!

If you could be your ‘ideal weight’, I mean the weight that you want to be, the weight that would make you feel better about yourself, what would you feel like?  What would you not miss when you arrived at that weight?  Would there be any changes in your lifestyle?  Would your clothes be different?  Would you do different activities?  I was thinking about the changes that happened to when I lost exactly half my body weight…and here is what I LOVE now that I’m not 220 pounds.

1.) I feel ten years younger.  In reality, I probably bought back more than 10 years of my life by losing that weight.

2.) I have learned that no food will ever taste as good as I feel now by being healthy.

3.) It’s great being able to tie my shoes without losing my breath. There was a time that Velcro shoes were looking like a good option for me!

4.) I love being able to get out of a chair without hauling myself up.  That was not pretty…

5.) Being able to get off of the floor without grabbing something to help me or doing it in stages (roll to my knees, then one foot, then the big heave-ho)…that’s what it was like when I first started exercising.  Was it ever worth it just to change that aspect!

6.) It’s amazing getting a clean bill of health from the Dr. Having regular blood pressure, no cholesterol or pre diabetes issues anymore.

7.) Feeling strong.  I love knowing that I can do 50/50/50 repeatedly!

8.) It’s fun trying on clothes…I love it now.  I used to hate it.  (You can only make a bed sheet look good so many ways, after a while you don’t need to look anymore.)

9.) Not having my legs go to sleep while sitting in a chair.  (Not fun when you are getting your haircut and when it’s over and you are paralyzed from the hips down.)

10.) I now like getting my picture taken.  There was about a decade without any picture proof I was alive.

The one thing I love most…

being able to help people change their lives and health.  Being a former fat girl, I know the struggles and being able to help people get through it.  It’s truly an honour.

What about you? Have you transformed your former self?  Are any of these the favourites that you’ve achieved or are looking forward to achieving? Are there other things you especially love or are looking forward to?

Make a list of the things you want to do or will look forward to once you are at your ideal weight.

Even if your goal is to lose 10 lbs, one thing on your list will be that you love the fact that you don’t have to lose 10 pounds anymore!!!

So let me know…did anything that I love make you think, “Hey I’d love that too!”?  What will your list look like?





  1. Here’s one you may not have thought of… I want to cross my legs again. Oh I can cross them now, but I mean cross them and look somewhat dainty, not like they’re going to fling apart at any moment! Can you help me make that happen? 🙂

  2. I’d like to share what is motivating me….
    I would love to
    …wear shorts. I haven’t worn shorts since I was 12 yrs old.
    …prance around naked in front of my boyfriend instead of hiding in the dark.
    …run while wearing bathing suit without producing hypnotic waves of fat.
    …finish a 10 km with my boyfriend’s daughter
    …eliminate my back pain forever
    …prove to myself that I can achieve a level of fitness that I have never known, by surpassing my previous achievements.

  3. There are too many things to list about how great I feel after joining Carrie’s program and getting into shape.

    Not to mention that I have felt good for so long now its hard to remember the bad feelings. I do know I never had velcro shoes.

    My confidence has taken a huge leap forward and like Carrie I too was absent from many a photo, which really is too bad for my kids sake.

    Now I may not be running on beach in my swimsuit like my fellow bc’er Jennifer but I do promise to be open about having my photo taken more often so the kids will have a happy and fit mommy they can see as a role model.

    Thank you again Carrie for all of your support and motivation!

    BC Forever!

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