11 Tips for a Fitter Vacation – Travel Tuesday #TT

Summer is officially here!

Vacation, staycation, or just having some time off, enjoy your summer.bigstockphoto_Vacation_1791395

I get busy helping clients just before summer with so many people who want support with a diet plan or those that want to amp up their exercise program before their vacation. Then they go crazy in a buffet line or at the bar and return home with the post vacation belly blues.  Don’t let the vacation belly blues cloud your memories of a great time away!

Here are some quick tips for a fitter vaycay:

1.) Fuel up properly.

Eat before you go to the airport and pack some snacks. If travelling by car, pack your cooler bag so you are not stopping for quick eats on the highway. Not only will you have better control on your nutrition, it will also save you money that can be better spent on memories.

2.) Experience, don’t conquer.

Visiting new places can lead to tempting treats. For example you couldn’t visit France without having crepes and croissants. Share meals and walk away feeling satisfied that you experienced the local cuisine…you didn’t conquer it. Be happy that you didn’t stuff yourself then decided that you need to lick your plate clean. If you indulge then make a deal that you will walk to and from the restaurant or that you will hit the hotel gym.

3.) Enjoy the sights on your own time.

Skip the bus tours and walk. You may even grab a local tourist map and plan your own route based on what your interests are, not the interests of a tour company.  Take the path less travelled…stairs instead of elevators, this is for your hotel, attractions, wherever.

4.) Be adventurous.biking beach photo

Try something new. Staycation: go biking, canoe/kayak, rock  climbing. Challenge yourself to something new while on vacation not only will you break out of your workout rut but you can create some incredible memories for you and your family!

5.) BE ALCOHOL SMART–yes, all caps.

Vacations mean letting lose, unwinding, relaxing-breaking your routine.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t drink (gasp) I could not tell you a good wine from a bad wine. I don’t like the harsh taste of alcohol so I would be one of those fruity umbrella drink people. What holds me back is that I know the calories in those drinks are not worth it. I like to eat and I would rather eat those calories than slug them back. #ImAnEater

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you belly up to the bar. Use these tips and you can help downsize that beer gut and wine butt… you know what Im talkin’ bout.

  • 5.1) just say no to the fruity drinks. Alcohol slurpees in a cup are just bad. No more explanation needed.vacation-drinks-17
  • 5.2) choose light alcohol over dark alcohol. The dark stuff has more compounds which can worsen hangovers. Hangovers = vacation killers
  • 5.3) choose seltzer water for those mixed drinks. Tonic water comes in high in sugar so swap it out for seltzer or soda water
  • 5.4) set a limit for your indulging. You will only have a 3 drink max – a 2 drink max #2drinkmax would be better : )
  • 5.5) size matters – drinking a fish bowl size glass of wine is not one drink.vacation-drinks-fish bowl 26
  • 5.6) have a big glass of water in between each drink.

If you have any other fit vacation tips, I would love to hear them!

Here is a quick vacation workout for you to try:vacation-workout-xl2.jpg





  1. Reblogged this on Paramedic Mike and commented:
    I’ll be running a 5k and 1/2 marathon on my vacation in Nov hopefully that’s enough to work off the extra calories! However I’ll be doing it at the beginning of my trip so does that mean I’ll be in a negative balance for my calorie bank for the rest of the week? :p

  2. I totally am in your ball park. I also don not drink, Many people think it strange but it’s never been for me. Looking forward to my vacation and as a family we have always packed food to bring with us in the car. Many hotels offer mini fridges, we go to the groc. store and pick up ready made salads, cooked chicken and a yummy lunch/ snack is ready in no time.

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