Beware of the “Experts”

I saw this on Facebook the other day , shook my head and now I have to comment on it.

Just have a baby, low on energy, want your old body back? (notice the bad grammer-guess the product doesn’t help that)
Have picky eaters, children, teens, seniors, want to ensure their nutrition?
Need to lose weight for health reasons, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Back Problems?
Want more Energy for family, friends and the busy holiday season?
Want to trim down for Family Pictures, High School Reunions or Tropical Vacations?

Well what is this all in one miracle that works for children to seniors?
For sickly people to people in pain?

So if you are trying to lose baby weight or if you are a senior with a disease then this miracle product will work for you!! Actually, it will work for anyone with a heart beat including the dog or the squirrel on your lawn.


This is a post from someone with ZERO health/fitness training and education–pimping some product.

I am sure you all know someone like this. It could be a neighbour, co-worker, family member that has gotten involved with some kind of multi level marketing company.

They have no idea how these products are manufactured–they have no idea about the “ingredients” in these products–all they know is that it might help them lose weight and get rich.

What also shocks me is that smart people will take health advice from someone who has no training or education–that is a whole lot of crazy!

I always find amusing is that the majority of these people selling these types of miracle products are usually unhealthy, sick and broke!  Great role model for your company folks.

If you are selling a weight loss product, you likely shouldn’t be overweight.
If you are trying to get someone to join your “company” you likely shouldnt be broke.

There is no miracle product that is a one size fits all… that again.  If someone is trying to tell you that it is good for your kids and for your grandparents they are way off base. (Unless they are selling water or vegetables).

What I see usually, are people who are drawn into these quick fixes and then they are on to the next one.  It might not be a direct selling company, it might be that they started with Jenny Craig and then moved on to Herbal Magic and then on to the next diet centre. Or diet books; one week it is Atkins then the next week it is the blood type diet.

What the heck has happened to society……
Everyone is looking for the easy way out.
Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Losing weight takes an effort.  No magic drinks, pills, lotions or potions.

Guess what, you did this to yourself. You did not wake up with an 30 extra pounds on your frame. You had to have the Eggs Benedict when a veggie omelet would’ve been fine. You had to have the chips because they were out on the table at a party. You had to have the pizza because everyone else was. You couldn’t pass up dessert because it was your favourite……shazam you gained weight!

Everyone is unique…..its this special thing called DNA, maybe you have heard of it?!

Your genetic makeup is your own. So what works for Sally won’t necessarily work for you.

One thing that is true is that you need to eat real food–(not boxed food) and you NEED to exercise—-those are two truths that will never change.

Just so we are clear anyone telling you to buy some “magic” product and replace two of your meals with this magic product and you will be a brand new person is lying.

Slim Fast said the same and remember what happened to Oprah when she went on that liquid diet.  Yeah she lost weight but now look at her.  Has she ever been able to keep it off? Did she ever learn why she loses weight than gains it back, faster and bigger then before?

What’s your thoughts? Let me know…agree / disagree?




  1. I feel pretty lucky and smart as I have never tried any of these fad diets. They are tempting in the infomercials but so is the Devil! I did attend Weight watchers “many years ago”, lost weigh but found it difficult to maintain. Once you stopped, the weight came slowly creeping back. I have now lost 13lbs with bootcamp, I started Sept. 21. I attend regularily, I haven;t really overhauled my eating too much but have eliminated rice, flour, bread and cows milk from my diet. It has been slow and steady and the increase in snacks has definitley reduced my need for cookies or chips. This can be difficult but for me it’s better not to eat one, because the taste in my mouth sets me up to lose. I’m not perfect and do make choices to eat foods that Carrie may not think are the best, but these are choices I must live with.

  2. Slow and steady wins the race…I have managed to keep my weight down and fitness level up with my regular boot camp sessions not to mention keeping a close eye on my diet. Its now become a way of life that I wouldnt trade for anything! Thx C

    Being healthy is a lifestyle. Encarta Dictionary better states it as: a way of living, the way of life characteristics of a particular person, group or culture. Thus, a healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved through a quick fix fad diet.
    To further deter people from pre-packaged boxed foods – please watch the attached video. Did you know that the term natural flavouring could mean vanilla flavours from a beaver’s tail? YUP. Ew. That is only the beginning of the chemically created world of flavours.
    Please view.;contentBody

    1. Amanda,

      Thanks for the great information. I sent the link to my husband who has been struggling to find the motivation to maintain his 50 lb weigh loss and healthy eating habits. This will keep him on the strainght and narrow.

  4. Your right when you say that people want the easy way out. Changing your lifestyle and choosing to eat healthy and exercise isn’t easy. It’s a transition but the more you do it the easier it becomes. Unless somebody plans on doing slim fast or whatever program for the rest of their life the results aren’t going to last. Losing weight and keeping it off long term needs a long term plan that you’ll enjoy sticking with! Like boot camp!

  5. Amanda, thank you for sharing this link. I watched it with my 16yr. old daughter and it spurred a whole conversation about real food vs. the crap that’s out there. Thanks so much.

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