13.1 – One runners’ perspective

On October 2, 2010, I was one of about 11,000 runners who took part in the inaugural Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  Only Disney could have a first time event that draws that many participants.  Only Disney could hold a run at night; (which challenges your food intake, water intake and rest prep) that would sell out.  Only Disney would think of mixing fitness with alcohol and food that has everyone beating down the on-line registration saying, “I want to do it.”

The Wine and Dine was much more than a half marathon.  It included a relay portion that divided the run into 8 kilometer and 13 kilometer legs.  Genius moves to help get people of all fitness levels involved in running.  There were children’s races early in the day and there was a 5k event.  There was an expo that introduced runners to the latest in training techniques, equipment and support.   Jeff Galloway and his team put all of this together…amazing to say the least.

There were groups of runners that you could identify by the colours and the costumes they wore.  There were individuals that were competing for record times for their personal best or competitive rankings.  There were strangers who became friends and friendships that grew closer.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society benefitted by those who chose to donate or team run for research.

Old Friends…JoAnne, thank you so much for everything!! You are amazing.  I can’t say enough about the memories that you have provided my family and me.

New Friends…To all my new Yummy Mummy friends.  It was great meeting you, laughing with you and celebrating our accomplishments together.  Candace, Kelli, Racheal, Jill…awesome, just awesome.  Erica, we will cross the finish line together next year. Cherie-Lynn and Andy, thank you.  I look forward to what will come.  Heather, I have had so much cyber-fun with you taking runs at JoAnne, but now having met you and your family, that will be even more fun now!  To the Delicious Daddies, Hugh, Ish, Brian, Lino…men who support their wives like you did are gold in my mind…now had you given your wives an extra day just to shop…pure Platinum!! I have a feeling that we will all be following Eric across the line next year….amazing inspiration!!

Dear Friends…I knew lots of people who were running.  People from my Georgetown/Acton Fitness Boot Camp were running…congratulations Mark, Lori, Sophie and Melody who all completed the run.  You are all an inspiration who I admire and respect so much for what you have done for yourselves, your families…your lives.  Amy, Hurricane Katrina and Maggie.  Without you I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  You held down the fort for me, supported me and encouraged me…thank you is not enough.  Tim, well…you know.

In the end, as great as the run was, as incredible the feeling of crossing the finish line felt, the people are what made this event a great memory.

Now, tell me who is in for next year? Relays for rookies, full 1/2 for veterans and any rookie who loves the challenge!! Are YOU up for it???




  1. Sounds like SOOOO much fun! Congrats to you all. It’s so tough to find time in our busy lives just for ourselves and we definitely couldn’t do it without support from all those around us. But the motivation starts with you! So well done. Would love to join you all next year. Especially for the celebration part afterwards.

  2. Congrats to all who participated – you are an inspiration to us all. You can achieve almost anything if you set your mind to it and with the support of your peers – it just doesn’t get any better!!!!

    Sign me up for next year!!!! Not sure if wan’t to do the half or just a relay. Will think on it!!! When do we start!

    1. You are so right about being able to accomplish anything. We start now by the choices we make and the things we do…goal setting, nutrition and supporting each other. The rest will come in time.

  3. Congratulations to everyone!
    Although I didn’t do a half marathon, I walked Breast Cancer Run For The Cure 5 km. (We didn’t run because I did it with my family and children, 2 and 4 years old). We do it every year but it was great to finish feeling great as opposed to feeling tired. Thanks, see you Thursday.

  4. I’m definitely in for next year! -I was thinking about you all on Saturday night, and wishing I was there – congrats to all the bootcampers who finished yet another marathon! (P.S. we’ll need to get bootcamp t-shirts, so we can run as a team next year)

  5. Amy, unfortunately yo will not be able to attend!!!! I am the in the babay pool and have you delivering that day!! 🙂 Kidding.

    Look forward to running with all participants – as I am not a fast runner – watching you all run ahead of me!! 🙂

  6. Patty, speed is not important! Just the fact you have the desire and drive to do it is enough!! I am game for next year for sure!!

  7. So proud of you Boot Camper’s! Way to go!! Carrie, your words on the blog were inspirational and so well put. Count me in for next year…and I am bring Gatorade with me too 🙂

  8. Hey Carrie, Loved your post and loved meeting you at the run. I am so proud of all of you and also very motivated- I can’t wait to participate next year.
    Who knows I might even get up the courage to organize my training and menu through you, I hear you’re one tough cookie though!

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