3 Things to Avoid: Juice, Cereal and Bars, OH MY!

Don’t be fooled by foods that are sold to you as ‘healthy’ or even foods that you are sure are healthy.  There are so many foods (and food products) that are marketed as being a healthy alternative or a good choice that really need to be avoided if your goal is to live a long, strong life.

Now, I haven’t lost my mind…yet, so don’t be shocked at these three avoidable foods.   Read the explanation and you’ll understand why I am suggesting that you avoid them.

Most Breakfast Cereals

The reason I say most breakfast cereals is because there are some that you can eat if you absolutely must have cereal in the morning. Most cereals claim to have whole grains, vitamins and minerals but they also contain tons of sugar and processed, unhealthy ingredients. Reading the ingredients label will tell you all you need to know. If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t eat it. Some cereal is healthier than others, but you can find several others in your local health food store.  If you absolutely need to eat some cereal every once and while – then make sure it’s all natural and organic.

Fruit Juices like Orange Juice and Apple Juice

Great sources of vitamins, sometimes minerals and generally good for you stuff but they are loaded with SUGAR!! Yes, it’s natural sugar, but it’s still sugar- and we all know sugar turns to fat. Think about a glass of orange juice…how many oranges were used to make that one glass, maybe 8 to 10? When was the last time you ate that many oranges at one sitting.  Sure lots of vitamins, but wow, why not just take a vitamin C tablet and then suck on handful of sugar cubes.  Drinking juice for fibre? Not a chance…there is no fibre in juice.

Energy/Meal bars

Some may have the perfect ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Some are marketed as a good meal replacement when you don’t have time to eat real food…that’s the yellow brick road to the land of fat.  But if you take a look at the label of most bars, you’ll words like high fructose corn syrup, glucose, sucrose, sugar and in some bars fractionated oils. If you need a bar, chose one that contains only all-natural, organic ingredients.  No, they don’t taste nearly as good as the others but that’s because they aren’t packed with sugar!

Think about how your children start their day.  Is it a nice big glass of OJ, a heaping bowl of great tasting whole grain, sugar laden cereal and a granola bar with chocolate and caramel for a snack.

Be kind to teachers, start your children’s day, and yours right.




  1. While I don’t fall victim to the energy bars or juices (prefer to eat my calories), I eat a bowl of cereal almost every day. And, if you really want to cringe, I usually sprinkle a teaspoon of white, processed, granulated sugar atop! Uh oh — looks like I’ll be cooking oatmeal each morning (I WILL put a teaspoon on brown sugar on my oatmeal though) or having peanut butter toast for the road! On a positive note, I have begun drinking water already so I am on target to exceed the 2.?L I drank yesterday.

  2. FYI BC11 – You can make oatmeal quickly in the microwave – takes 2min – 1min to heat water (if you don’t already have the kettle on for peppermint tea 🙂 and 35sec to cook. Easy peasy. AND… You can mix in a scoop of Carrie’s protein powder and some berries or banana… Yummy and soooo much better than brown sugar.


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