5 Phrases to Ditch in 2013

JUST SAY NO TO YOLOThis obviously isn’t my normal blog post.  Not much to do with fitness, but then again, maybe it does…everyone’s mental fitness could be improved by ditching these phrases for ever!


Really?  You only live once.  That’s deep.  No guff you only live once. So that is supposed to be some sort of mantra for living life to the fullest? I think if you look at the Darwin awards, you’ll see a lot of people who thought YOLO was a good saying.

Side Note

What is a side note?  A scribble on the edge of the paper that is a complete after thought?  I don’t want to know your after-thoughts if they aren’t important…put them up front and centre and people give them more attention.

The New Normal

Huh?? The new normal. Something new is not very often normal.  Once something becomes normal, it isn’t new anymore is it?

My Bad

The expiry date on this has passed.  I don’t know who ever thought this was a good idea.  What’s worse is how it has permeated our vocabulary.  Business professionals, TV personalities, teachers…good lord.  These are our perceived leaders and they butcher the english language by saying something this dumb?? My bad isn’t even proper english any way you look at it.

Two Names Combined to Make a Celebrity Couple Pet Name

Bradgelina, Haylor, Kimye, etc.  Oh so cute.  Oh so repulsive.  I seriously can’t stand this.  Outside of the obvious that they are two people, not one, respect their names and call them by such.  I am happy to say that when I hear their names on the radio or TV, unless there is a picture, I have no idea who is being talked about so just stop it!

One more thought…

Parents; have you heard what your children are doing to the english language?  Their texting has been steadily creeping into their vocabulary.  I don’t mean when the LOL or OMG or POS creep in but this…

  • Cray
  • Deets
  • AZing
  • Adorbs
  • Totes
  • Obvi

Should you correct them when they decide that they are going to short form words?  If you were looking to hire someone for a job, how would you feel if the prospect answered questions in verbal text?  I think we owe it to them to correct them.

More on YOLO from the Huffington Post





  1. Just catching up on some reading. I love this post! I also worry that one day English as we know it today will be like Shakespeare to future generations! However, YOLO I don’t really mind as long as it is a reason to invest in today rather than to make an excuse. If we only live once, don’t we want to live the longest, healthiest, most able-bodied and positive-spirited life possible? That’s what YOLO can mean and does mean to me (just in case I’m not coming back as a rich, supermodel or a yellow finch).

  2. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a daily basis.
    It will always be exciting to read through articles from other writers and practice a little something from their web sites.

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