7 Real Reasons, you need to visit Walt Disney World

We all need a vacation (can I get an Amen?!)   Us Canadian’s and northerner’s who experienced a brutally cold winter are probably in need of a vacation, more than most! There are literally millions of reasons why a trip to the sunny south should be on your mind. I’m here to give you 7 real reason’s why you should be booking your next trip to Walt Disney World.

I was lucky to attend the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train media dinners as a guest last week and let me tell you, it is something that you can not miss on your next visit to the most magical place in earth!  As I said, there are more than a million reasons to visit Walt Disney World, but I have 7 more to tip the odds in your destination decision.

7 Real Reasons You Need to Experience the Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

1. At no point in the interactive queue to get to the Mine Train, or once you are on the train itself, will you ever feel SLEEPY. Sleepy_BBS

2. The intense excitement of the New Fantasyland and the new Mine Train Ride will leave you with the feeling that you might want to see a Doc…actually, THE Doc.


3. You will never be left feeling GRUMPY because you’ve booked your Fast Pass + and have your Mine Train Ride time booked before you arrive! Everything is made very easy through My Magic + 6968_Grumpy_Dwarf_Standup_678

4. Don’t worry if you have allergies, you won’t find any dust on this ride through the mine. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride has been made with Disney magic (those Imagineers are amazing!) , so you will never feel SNEEZY.


5. If you claim to not be a “ride person”, now is the time to change your mind. Hop on this ride with your friends and family, this is not the time to be BASHFUL


6. A fantastic Interactive queue and new animatronics, help you experience where the 7 Dwarfs work , how could you not be HAPPY.


7. I didn’t want to say it, because it may seem very un-Canadian of me but, the only people who wouldn’t want to experience the new Mine Train ride are kinda DOPEY (there I said it).


Now get on board and take this full ride through.

Here are a few more pics from last week.

Celebrity siting’s –

I got to show my HAPPY side with Happy!

(insert Pharrell Williams song here…because I’m happy, lalalallaallalalala  )

happy pic



I got to see DOC…who says healthcare is bad?! lol



#RockYourDisney side @RealGrumpyCat – oh yes!

Love that she wore her press credentials!








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