8 Energy Essentials

Everyone wants more energy, right?  I’ll let you in on a little secret here…Your supply of energy is endless!  That’s right it is!  And I DON’T mean your energy is  fueled by some over caffeinated and sugared drink that tastes like cough syrup.  Yeah, I’m looking right at you Red Bull.  I’m talking about a way to ensure that you have endless energy in a healthy and responsible way.

There are some rules that I follow which are essential to having and keeping my energy high.

Before I go over my high energy life rules, you ALWAYS have to keep in mind that the amount of energy is totally up to you!

1- First and foremost, your level of energy is a decision. You decide each and every day how you are going to feel. If you let people dictate your energy you will always be looking for “that extra energy”.

The mind and body are connected and if you repeatedly say “I’m tired”, guess what, you will have convinced yourself you are tired.

Decide the moment you open your eyes in the morning that you are going to have a ton of energy.  I guarantee if you program your mind to start your day saying that you are going to have energy to burn, you will!!





2-Real energy requires real food.  If you eat junk you will feel like junk. Choose power foods.  Food is fuel.  Fuel your day with premium foods.

High energy people respect their bodies and love having energy and would not trade that for chips or cookies or any other crap.

3-Energy creates energy.  If you want to have more energy then you need to kick your pal Debbie Downer to the curb.  If you hang around high energy, positive people, you’ll start to feel the same.  If you are around people who are lazy and negative it rubs off.  Choose your peeps wisely! (This ties into point one as well.)

4-Protect your energy.  Stay away from the energy suckers.  You know the ones, their cup is half empty and the sky is falling.  Those people can drain you and suck every bit of energy from you.  I am all about inspiring and motivating others but there are some that can’t be saved….so move along and don’t try!








5-Sleep is essential for energy.  Your body needs to heal, recover and recuperate. By running on 4-5 hrs of sleep a night does not make you a rock star (unless you actually are a rock star)

Sleep helps your body stay strong.  Turn in earlier and aim to get your 7-8hrs a night.  Oh and for those of you who are about to say, “Well I’m used to getting four hours of sleep.  It’s how I’m programmed.”  You are kidding yourself.  Sooner or later it will catch up with you in a big, bad way.  Stop it and get more sleep.

6-Words have power.  Speak with enthusiasm.  Speak with a smile on your face. If you are monotone or speak with a ho-hum attitude your body will respond the same way.  Your body and your body language affect your energy.  So pep up your tone and inflection and stand up straight and stop slouching! Oh yeah, SMILE! It’s infectious to you and everyone around you!

7-Energy requires expending energy…physically. Getting your blood flowing, heart pumping, muscles firing creates energy.  If you sit all day and don’t exercise you get tired and lethargic and claim to have “no energy to workout”  Fit people thrive on expending energy and get fired up after each and every workout.  Exercise is essential for keeping your energy up!!







8-Best energy drink on the planet……water. Don’t believe me, try it! Feeling tired, low energy-drink water–trust me!
Not only will water keep your energy up but it will also do this. <-(Click the word this).




  1. Thanks for sharing Carrie! It was something I needed to hear, especially this bit: “… running on 4-5 hrs of sleep a night does not make you a rock star (unless you actually are a rock star).” LOL! So true!

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