8 Reasons Why You Should Just Do It!

You hear it alot….find your “why”   Find your passion, your reason for doing things.

I see so many people who start strong on the road to their improved health and fitness journey and then fizzle out.

Why bother exercising?? 

The first answer of course you will say, is for your health.  Newsflash; Sitting on a bike while surfing Facebook is not really exercise. Neither is walking at a snail’s pace on a treadmill.  It is ok but you know you can do better. So why do you do it? Why not give it your all and be effective?

We all have our own reasons for sweating it out.  I never want to be 225lbs again–NEVER.  Some people do it to lose weight, some do it to fit into their Christmas party dress, some do it because they have had a medical scare and decide to take control (diabetes, high blood pressure).  These are great whys.

Everyone can come up with reasons on why to be fit and just as many excuses on why they can’t.

Here is what I don’t get.  I see so many of you that work so hard at boot camp and then blow it with crappy food.  You sweat your guts out with me and then tell me you had wings, beer, cake, etc.  WHY??

  • Why are you sabotaging yourself?
  • Why don’t you want to see the results?
  • Why are you letting junk food win?
  • Why do you want to look bad?
  • Why do you want to feel lousy?

Many of you will be saying “I know, I have to pull it together”
If you want to see the results and changes in your body you have to do the work, all of the work.  Just showing up doesn’t do it.

You know you need to eat 5x a day.  You know that you must have healthy snacks.  You know that you NEED to drink water.  So why aren’t you?

Boring, lazy, busy, forgot, my back hurts, I don’t like to get sweaty.  The list of excuses can go on and on.

Be a finisher.  Not a ‘half-asser’ (Sorry, not a word but I’m trying to stress a point and maybe my creative word use might get you fired up!)

So why do this?  All of this proper eating and exercise. We all have our own “why’s” but here are a few you might not have thought about:
Do it for the stares.  Yes, we all like to be noticed (in a good way).

  1. Do it for the compliments.  It is nice to be acknowledged for hard, noticeable achievements.
  2. Do it for the shape and definition in your muscles (hello tank tops!)
  3. Do it for the ability to fit into the clothes you want
  4. Do it for the swimsuit.  We all want to be able to rock the swimsuit
  5. Do it so you can be off the gaining weight / losing weight roller coaster!!
  6. Do it so you can be proud of your effort and how you look.
  7. Do it for your health
  8. Do it for your family

Nike has made billions off of the saying “Just do it”.  It really is that simple; Just do it….already

Find you WHY.  Set your goal, focus on it and don’t do anything that isn’t in line with your goal.

Here are some healthy snacks to incorporate into your day:

– hard boiled egg with cubed cantaloupe
– snow peas or sugar snap peas with humus
– greek yogurt with blueberries
– turkey pepperettes with an apple
– lettuce leaf with avocado and chicken or turkey-roll it up

Bonus snack!!
– greek yogurt, pb or almond butter and boot camp chocolate protein

Have a great day…Why? Because you deserve it.




  1. Why do I work so hard and have totally revamped my eating plan? I do it for many reasons. I was/am overweight but have lost 9lbs since Sept. 21st.My goal is to lose 20 more but I am approaching that with baby steps. **Remember that when you lose 1 lb it might seem like nothing but look at a pound of butter! (Just think I have almost lost a 10lb bag of potatoes) I am diabetic and take pills, I am hoping that my next check up in May shows some awesome results. I have a blood test done which can tell the Dr. just how well you’ve been eating for the past 3 months. I want to blow his mind and hopefully get off a pill or 2. Excercise makes me happy, many people don’t see this or understand. My daughter will graduate in June from Gr. 12 and I want to look beautiful in my picture with my family.

  2. Why do I do it? I love the fact that I have gone from wearing an XL to L to medium work- out shorts and now they are getting loose too! I started out doing it for my son and husband and now I do it for ME! That is the best motivation. I look a little better after every bootcamp session and I feel great!

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