9 Tips for Today

1. Get with a Group

Group mentality can change behaviour because of the encouragement and support that develops.  Studies have shown that group exercise can give you 40% faster results.

2. Consider the Source

Who are you taking your advice and or support from? I have heard so many clients tell me that, “So and so from accounting told me that doing A, B and C is guaranteed to help lose weight.”  I later find out So and So from accounting is as big as an SUV and is trying her 14th stint with Dr. Jenny Watcher.

I’ve lost over 200 pounds between two pregnancies and my original teenage weight loss.  I have committed almost twenty years of my life to health and fitness.  Take advice only from fitness professionals or those people that have the ‘fruit on the tree’.

3. The scale is your enemy

A scale is only a measurement of the effect of gravity on you at that given moment.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to gauge results by the scale.  I weigh my clients in the beginning of our relationship, if they want or if we are doing a contest.  At a specified time in the future is the next time they are allowed to look at a scale.  We don’t need to know their weight in between.  There are far better ways to determine success.

4. Surround yourself with winners

One of the key qualities of successful people is that they avoid negative people and they spend their time surrounded by people who have already achieved what they are after. If your goal is to weigh 130 pounds  – then seek out others who already live a healthy lifestyle and weigh 130 pounds. Spending time with people who only talk about being healthy while eating deep-fried Twinkies really won’t help you get where you want to go.  Boot Campers do it best with each other because they feed each others positive energy and support.

5. Know where you are going

Write down your goals whatever they are.  “I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to lose 15 inches, I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.” Be specific, don’t just say, “I want to lose weight.”  Once you write down your goal, put a realistic date on it.  Every time you are faced with a tough food decision or don’t want to exercise, compare your choices to the goal your are reaching for…are they in line?

6. Increase you water intake.

Water is key. Water improves everything that you are working for right now…more youthful looking skin, smoother body, resistance to disease and germs, cleans out your cells and tissues, improves healing and recuperation times..and on and on.  Water also assists in moving out fat and delivering nutrients to your cells.

7. Chose wisely where you get your calories.

Processed, sugary, refined foods give you lots of calories without any substance.  It takes nothing for your body to intake and digest them, while a complex carbohydrate, chicken breast or leafy greens require your body to work to break down and absorb.  We call these foods thermogenic and they aid greatly in weight loss.

8. Eat all day long.

Don’t ever give your body a chance to cool down while you are awake.  From within an hour of waking up you should have food in your belly all day.  That means 5 to 6 meals per day..not just the normal 3 three or the realistic two.  All 5 to 6 meals should include the six required nutrients. (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Water, Micro and Macro).  If you never let the furnace cool down, it is always burning at a high efficiency.

9. Never give up

So many people have a set back by giving into an urge for the forbidden foods.  Then they feel bad so they turn to the bad foods to feed their depression and so the cycle for failure begins.  If you have a bump on the road to your goals, just reset yourself and aim

for your goal again (and avoid falling off the wagon again.)

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

What do you think? Is there anything that you have done to fuel your success?  Let us know.




  1. Thanks for this reminder Carrie! Especially the part about the scale. One of the hardest habits for me to break was not eating sugary foods or junk, but rather weighing myself every day to see if the scale moved. It is so true the scale is my enemy!! Even when I know the inches have dropped and my clothes are fitting loser, if I get on the scale and it hasn’t changed then I feel defeated. Now I stay off the scale!

  2. Hey Carrie, I have struggled my whole life with weight issues, mostly due to my own ignorance and laziness! I’m trying to get to a healthy lifestyle, especially for my kids. I don’t want them falling into the same abyss I have been living. Everything for me is an on again off again battle! Start with a goal, get defeated, pig out on chocolate, and hate myself for failing again! How do I unleash the sugar cravings? I wake up it 2+ sugars in my coffee, during the day, I am consumed with sugar cravings, at night same thing, and there has been times where I have awakened throughout the night and inhaled more sugar! I just want to eliminate the need or habit of these refined sugars! HELP!!

    1. Hi Shelly,
      Thank you for sharing your struggle.
      A few of things to get you on track:
      -you have to set a definite goal…not just “I want to lose weight”
      -get a nutrition plan designed specifically for you —based on your goals and lifestyle(we can do this one on one or you can join our weight loss challenge group)
      -you have to start making choices….if you are choosing to have 2+ sugars in your coffee—you are choosing to have your blood sugar sky rocket which puts you on the sugar roller coaster all day.
      -get a physical -to rule out any health issues

      If you are constantly eating sugar …. you need to detox from sugar…..sugar is an addiction.

      Plan and Prepare…..plan your day…..prepare your food–have only health food choices on hand.

      I applaud you for recognizing that you don’t want your children to fall into the same patterns…..children learn what they live, BUT not to sound extreme -your children NEED you to live as well. The problem that you have presented could interfere with that.

      Make sure you see your Dr to rule out any health conditions. Let me know how it goes.

      Thank you again for your post!!

      Here to help!!


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