A strong back =’s a strong runner

This workout will make you run faster.

BLOG-HEADERS_CARRIEwoman runnAs runners we’re always chasing a better run time. But what are the secrets, tricks or tactics that the fast runners have? Is it a stronger core or a flexibility program or stronger legs that power us through a long run? The answer; all of the above.

Runners need a strong, balanced body from head to toe. While you just want to run (I hear you!) you’re probably not keen on counting sets and reps or following another schedule. When it come down to it, you know your running training schedule and you like it.

One neglected area that doesn’t get any attention unless it is sore is the lower back. We have all felt a tight or strained lower back pain and it’s the pain that you pray will go away. You start making deals with the running Gods. “Please let me wake up pain free” , “I promise I will start stretching after my runs”. A healthy back is just as important as fit legs. If your back isn’t strong you will fatigue faster on your runs; really it’s true. On the flipside a neglected lower back will put strain on our hamstrings, hips and ankles.

Prevention is Key
Here are a few tips and reminders to prevent lower back pain.

Sit during your day job? Then get up as much as possible. Walk to your colleague’s desk, get up for that glass of water. When doing heavy lifting always be aware of your form, bending at the knees, not at the back.

Have your shoes properly fitted. If you’re clocking significant mileage, then change your shoes more frequently. In addition, having a gait analysis may help determine if you should consider orthotics.

Loosen up tight muscle by foam rolling your back, hamstrings and glutes.

Incorporating a strength conditioning routine to your running is essential to be able to #RunStrong. Add in this lower back training on your shorter run or cross-training days. You are doing cross training, right? If not, these exercises will help.

Lower Back Workout

Perform 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps twice a week.

1 )Back extension: On the floor or on a stability ball
2 )Airplane: On your hands and knees, lift opposite arm & opposite leg
3) Swimmer: Lie face down and lift right arm with left leg. Alternate with your left arm and right leg and repeat.
4) Plank / Side Plank
5 )Bridge: Lie face up; lift and hold your glutes off the floor; lower onto the floor and repeat.
6) Superman: Lie face down; lift both arms and legs off of the floor and hold for 15-30 seconds; release and repeat.


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