That's me on the left

Former fat girl, 1992

18yrs, 3 children, 200+pounds later

Dr. Carrie Burrows was the classic ‘former fat girl‘ having weighed over 225 pounds in high school. She was never taught anything about proper nutrition, responsible exercise or balancing the two. Carrie never knew anything about how the body processed food, used energy stores or the difference between aerobic and anaeorbic exercise. She didn’t know if you mixed the two up you could be wasting your time exercising.

That was then, now she knows all of that now…and a whole lot more. Between her fat-girl fat loss and two pregnancies, she’s lost over a combined 200 pounds in her life. Within four months of each pregnancy she was back to pre-pregnancy weight, the second with twins. Naturally, without surgery or the latest fads, lotions, potions or pills.

Raised by a single working mother who did her best to ensure I started my day with breakfast, had a solid lunch for me and ensured she ate supper and snacks in and around after school activities.  She ate some of the best fast food, pre-packaged boxed food, sugar coated food products and processed stuff know to mankind. Carrie didn’t know any better and did she paid for it.  Well, her gain helps your loss…literally.

Carrie graduated University with her BA in Kineisiology, became a Certified Personal Trainer, worked in some of the best fitness clubs in and has continued to learn by taking multiple courses in several modalities from child fitness to sport specific training.  To help Carrie understand the science of food and how the body uses nutrients, she also became a certified nutritionist and in continuing her education earned her PhD in Nutritional Science.  All this so she can serve you better!

With that in mind, Carrie decided the best way to help more people was to stop working for clubs and start her own Professional Health And Fitness Business. She’s also formulated her own supplements that are the best you will ever take.

Carrie Burrows is one of the top professionals in the Health & Fitness Industry. She’s written for some of the top industry magazines, worked with the who’s who and spoke at conferences across North America.”

She is available to speak at your function, train, consult with you or just talk so contact me.

Not fat anymore!

18 yrs, 3 children and thousands of squats later!


  1. Let me first off congratulate you on your weight loss. I saw you this morning on BT and tried desperately to remember the 6 exercises you recommended for 6 minutes however, I am at a lose. I was hoping that you could tell me where to find them so I could possibly print them out. I am trying to lose more weight, but not having so much luck these days. I had lost 30 lbs but unfortunately this winter put back on 15 of it, part of it being lack of exercise. I would like to get that off again and more. I feel that 6 minutes of those exercises would be a benifit for sure. Look what it has done for you. Thanks for your help, and keep up the good work

  2. Great tips as always Carrie!! It is the journal I always turn to when I’m “slipping” and it was the journal that really turned things around for me. I record how I feel before and after eating and found that I feel better when I eat well and more often.

    At boot camp, I’ve learned that a few words of encouragement go a long way! I’ve learned that it’s not just me that struggles with healthy eating and exercise. AND… I’ve learned that lots of peeps don’t want to be there at boot camp at the beginning of class but after class, they feel they have accomplished something and they feel better about themselves.

    I’ve learned plenty at boot camp about health, fitness, and nutrition too but too much to type here. The most important thing I have learned at boot camp is that the best way to stay fit, is to have a Professional like Carrie in Health and Fitness to support you along the way!!

    I learn something new each day!! 🙂

  3. Great blog Carrie as usual. I’m curious… that red velvet cupcake that brings you to your knees….. is your mindset 100% abstinence or do you allow yourself one or two a year? Is your thought to have absolutely zero or simple moderation? Do you allow yourself a grey area at any time?

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  5. Thanks Dr. Burrows for the great article on your Facebook page sharing your comments on our son Brett Young. Makes parents proud to see their children work hard at what they want to accomplish as I am sure your Mom is of you as well.
    We to are Disney junkies 🙂

    1. That’s so great of you to take the time to read the article and more so to comment. You have raised a fine young man in Brett. He is a great testament to strength. I would say you should be proud, but I know already that you are.
      Way to go Mr & Mrs Young!!

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