Adapt, Overcome, Improve, or Quit

What do you do when you are faced with a challenge? Do you give up or do you push through?

Last week at boot camp we were presented with a challenge.  Our location got overbooked.  Our school gym space was occupied when we arrived and was going to stay that way well into the late evening.  Our options were to cancel the class or use the cafeteria.  Obviously the first choice was not desirable and the second…not ideal.

We chose to adapt and overcome.  We dropped our stuff made some room and we went at it.  We used what we had and improvised.

Right next to the school cafeteria were the stairs to the school’s upper floors.  We ran those stairs, then back to the cafeteria.  Great floor work, interrupted by stair intervals….and it was tough…but so great to do!

When you can’t make it to boot camp or there is no time to go work out, what do you do?

Do you make excuses like, “I have laundry to do.  My feet are sore.  I’m tired.  My favourite show is on.  Weights are heavy.”

The truth is that you don’t need a gym or tons of equipment to get into great shape. You don’t need fancy or trendy exercise fads.  All you need to get into great shape is to have a commitment. Commitment to yourself.  To your goals and to your well-being.

Sounds easy right?  Well it’s not, it’s tough.  I know how hard it is to get motivated. That’s why I started boot camps so that people could have a group of like-minded people who want to get in shape and stay healthy.  People to share their struggles but more importantly, celebrate in their accomplishments!

I love how I feel after I workout.  I’m proud that I did it.  I love to have a challenge.  I love knowing that the exercise I did is helping me stay fit, healthy and young.

I know painfully well the other side of not working out….feeling tired, sad, miserable, sluggish.  Being active and exercising gives you energy.  Who doesn’t want that!!

I put together a ” 6 minute bedroom boot camp ” that you can do at home before bed or once you wake up.  You can do a couple of rounds of it depending on your fitness level.

It has 3 great options for your fitness level.  Using dumbbells, or a band or if you have nothing you can use your body weight.

You can work out anywhere, anytime.  On vacation, business trips, away visiting family.  You name the reason excuse and I can still give you motivation and a better reason to workout.

Make the commitment to have no excuses.  You can work out anywhere.

This is a great place to put one of my favourite videos.  What’s your excuse?





  1. Bootcamp in the CTK gym was awesome Carrie! You have told us and proven to us many times over that we don’t need a room full of exercise equipment to get a good workout. Your classes combine an awesome mix of cardio and strength training with a mat and weights being our only equipment. Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  2. I agree, the workout and CTK was awesome! It’s funny because now wherever I go I look around me and think…hmmm I could do push ups off that or as I’m walking up the stairs at work I think, should I run up them?
    Thanks Carrie for being a great leader!

  3. It certainly was a good workout … it reminded me of the summertime when we used the stairs out back of Holy Cross. Loved it !!!!

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