Are artificial sweeteners OK??

Are artificial sweeteners OK??

This is a question I get all the time.

Now I know everyone has his or her own opinion on this subject.

My pop loving peeps will say that sweeteners are ok and others will scream from the mountaintops that you will get brain tumors.

I have heard it all; Artificial sweeteners will give you cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, tumors, brain bleeds, ADD, ADHD and the list goes on and on.

The targets of this controversy go by the names of Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose.  If you can’t remember the names, you’ll probably know them by these…yellow, pink and blue packets.

Fact or Fiction: Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer

Fiction: In the simplest of explanations, there is no evidence that sweeteners cause cancer in people.

Fact or Fiction: Artificial Sweeteners Cause Neurological Damage

Fiction: There is no evidence that sweeteners cause neurological damage. So, I can no longer blame my adult attention deficit disorder on my artificial sweetener consumption, I will say that there is some information coming out that supports the possibility of chemical dependency-food addiction.

Fact or Fiction: Carrie uses Artificial Sweeteners

Fact: I drink Crystal Light and similar products, and I do have the occasional diet pop. For me, if I get a sugar craving, I might have a diet pop. It works for me and I would rather do that then go and inhale a chocolate bar.

I also colour my hair, wear makeup, breath polluted air and have been known to drink tap water which are all highly toxic.  So I’m rolling the dice.

What I recommend is simple.  Always choose real over fake.  Have tea or water as your primary beverages. Don’t be a pop junkie.

What I find funny is that people get all up in arms about artificial sweeteners but have no problem sucking back a bottle of wine. What’s even funnier is the justification I hear from those said wine drinkers.  Uhmmm, I’m pretty sure that your liver is taking a good beating trying to process that alcohol which is sugar.  So not only are you working on your addiction you’re also putting your body through toxic spill internally.  Oh yeah, that’s nice!!

Drink responsibly people.




  1. The list of what is good and what is bad changes from day to day it seems. It could be a full time job keeping the cupboards up to date with the latest “approved” foods. To make easier work of it, I choose the following strategy:
    1. As Carrie says — eat real food – did you make it with fresh, wholesome ingredients, or can you pronounce all of the ingredients?
    2. Common sense — a sugar habit cannot be replaced with chemicals (goes against #1)
    3. Moderation! You can get away with a lot if you use moderation!

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