Are you stuck?



I’m not talking about being stuck in traffic or being stuck on level 42 of Candy Crush. BTW-please for the love….stop inviting me to play that game…never-gonna-happen….n-e-v-e-r! Is there a level 42 of Candy Crush?? Ok, back on topic.

So many people get stuck in their day to day routine and patterns. It’s easier to stay with the same ‘ol same ‘ol than to change things up. Those are the same people who complain, “I don’t know why they can’t lose 30lbs.”

Here’s my question … What’s wrong with you?

Why aren’t you willing to get un-stuck? Why are you so satisfied being where you are?  I know, work is stressful, the kids have sports, you have no groceries so you HAD to get pizza. I have heard it all before. 

You are stuck at an uncomfortable weight because you aren’t willing to change. It’s easier to accept where you are then to change the way you are. 

Being stuck where you are isn’t big news to you. You have been there for a while. You went a few days with salad for lunch then blew it becaue you were ‘starving’ and stressed and hit up a drive thru on your way home.

What I find amazing…and yes amazing is how you rationalize why you can’t lose weight or why you can’t spend a couple of hours a week commited to your health. 

You get unstuck by wanting it. You change by doing it!! 

How heavy will you have to get until you actually realize that you are overweight and outta shape? Then what? will you rationalize that you are too heavy to workout and completely give up? 


Being overweight can be fixed…but not by moaning, complaining, or excuse making.

You start now.  You start today. 

Not sure what you should be eating….grrrrrrrr and gah…..yes you do!!  You darn well know that having fries, burgers and pizza are not  good choices.  Not sure what is the best exercise…..grrrrr and gah again….just move.  The one you aren’t doing right now is way better than none!  

You are stuck because you have chosen to be stuck.

I hope this is a wake up call for those that need it. 

It’s time to move people (insert the “I like to move it” move it song here)

Go on…make me and yourself proud.






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