Are you Toxic?

It really isn’t fair that the last couple of posts have been about telling you what you should avoid or minimize in your diet. (Remember diet means the nutrition you intake in the form of food, supplements and water…not the removal of foods you eat.)

So to be fair, here is a post not about what you need to avoid, but instead how you can clean the junk out of your body….DETOXIFICATION!!

I know what you’re thinking “Woo hoo.  Carrie’s going to talk about bodily functions…I think I’ll leave now.”  If you know anything about me, you know that is a road I’m not going down.

A lot of people have a preconceived notion about detoxing.  But I’ve noticed that not too many really know what it’s all about.  You take some pills, some powders, some potions, go to the bathroom for a week and, “TA DA” 20 less pounds of rotting meat gone from your bowels.  What you just read is called marketing, sales copy or smoke and mirrors.  It doesn’t happen like that and have you ever noticed the disclaimer, “Results may vary.” That is about the most honest part of those infomercials.

Detoxing is so much more than that and here is the surprise…it can’t truly be done!!!

Breathing? You are creating toxins. Moving? You are creating toxins.  Alive? You are creating toxins.  You are a carbon based life form.  Everything you do creates a toxin within you one way or another.

Sure, you can be sold on expensive products that claim to detoxify you.  You can try all sorts of potions that make promises that just can’t be kept, OR, you can make some sensible choices, that are good, good for you, easy on your wallet and can be easily integrated into your life.

The Fabulous Five Steps to Cleaner Living

  1. Pump up the morning coffee by drinking a cup of green tea before or after it.  Make your tea and coffee with distilled water.  Repeat the tea 3 times per day.
  2. Make all your snacks in the raw…no not that kind of raw…without cooking them.  Veggies, fruits, nuts, lentils, etc – unprocessed, organic and colourful.
  3. One meal of your day should be a large leafy salad.  Spinach, broccoli, kale, with sprouts, berries, fruit, etc.
  4. Three high quality, lean meat proteins per day with a supplement of a protein shake. (Insert product placement here) Health and Fitness Systems Protein, formulated by and only available from ME!!
  5. Water, water, water.  One glass of water every time you eat.  Thats 3 snacks and 3 meals = 6 glasses, (normal size…not one liter jugs or gallon mugs)

That’s it! Pretty simple right?

Anyone can handle that. You will lose weight, clean tissues and feel better…ok and yes, you will spend quality time in your bathroom!

These last few reminders really go without saying, but I’ll say them.

Reduce: Sugar, processed carbs, unhealthy fat

Eliminate: Alcohol, Tobacco, Stress

When you do the Fabulous Five and compliment that with Boot Camp or sensible exercise, I will guarantee your results.  The more committed you are, the greater the results are that you will experience.

Have you ever tried a Detox Program.  Were the results all that you were told they will be?  Let me know, I’d love to hear about the experiences.

Clean and clear!




  1. So, how do we feel about eggs? Do they count as quality protein? 3 quality meat proteins a day seems like a lot! Who can eat that much chicken (with the exception of Amy)?

  2. Sounds very sensible. Often wondered about detoxing…did a mini version (through a ‘nutritionist’) with digestive enzymes and the green stuff….soups and salad sugar/solid protein/coffe/alcohol. Didn’t do much..definitely the Spring Challenge and Boot Camp is giving me better results!

  3. I strongly agree that those magic detox potions are not what they promise to be. They also forget to mention that they may be usafe for those who are taking medications due to the fact that they may flush out the medication along with everything else. I am currently on a Candida diet, which agrees with everything you’ve mentioned in your article.
    Thank you for the great advice!

  4. I have done many over my sports career.. They don’t work as they say. They may release water but as soon as you start to eat anything again., your back where you started.

    I find hot lemon water in the morning and lemon in my water all day really helps me….. Lime is not as affective…

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