Attitude check – Attitude of Gratitude

We had a great class last night!

We had stations set up throughout the school.

We used every bit of space that we could.

We were side shuffling/jack squatting in one particular hallway where there was a poster about having an “Attitude of Gratitude.” After seeing that poster, I was a tyrant!! Do you thing there was one excuse I was taking from the Boot Campers after seeing that?  Not a chance!

Back at Thanksgiving, I talked about having an attitude for gratitude but it really needs to be a daily message to yourself, your kids, your co-workers.  We have so much to be grateful for.

I said to the boot campers while they were jack squatting, “Be thankful that you are strong enough to attend boot camp.  Be grateful that you have a healthy body and are working towards an even healthier body!!”

So many people can’t do a jack squat or a push up or a lunge and we do it!  (Actually depending on the night, we do a lot of ’em!)

We all know people who are suffering from some health condition like diabetes, asthma, heart disease or just being over weight and not physically able to exercise at the capacity in which you should.  Being over weight speeds up bad health issues.  It makes everything worse, including your attitude!!!

How many people do you know that are suffering from some kind of sickness/illness.  How many of those diseases could’ve been avoided if they would’ve taken care of their health?

When I say that I am proud of my Boot Campers, I mean it!! They show up each night and work hard. They invest their time to take care of their health so they can increase their odds of living long happy lives with their families.

Don’t be one of those people who does nothing about their health until there is a crisis. Be proactive not reactive, because one day delayed, could be one day too late.

I see people take better care of their cars then they do of their bodies and health.  I see people work 18 hours a day or running around to every practice and activity while neglecting their health.  One day they “wake up”,  30lbs over weight with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Be grateful that you are in good health.  Adjust your attitude towards eating right and exercise.  Good, real food and exercise is a reward not a punishment.
You have a long life to live.  Don’t you want to do it pain-free and full of energy?  Start each day being thankful you are waking up and able to take on the day.  A great attitude is contagious–pay it forward!

Need a real adjustment? Check out this Attitude of Gratitude example.




  1. Wonderful video Carrie!!!
    Great workout last night…I appreciate how you keep us all motivated and inspired to do our best.
    See you Thursday.

  2. ok i am in on the project zero. i am one of those who start and do not follow through. seems that when i mess up once thats it i give up. so here is my commitment to you and to myself that i will stick this out until said time. i so need to be acountable. thanks for letting me in.

    michelle worby

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