Avoid the “Last Supper” Mentality

Christmas festivities are in full swing and now the countdown or should I say chow down (bwahaha) to Christmas is on.

Last night at boot camp I was telling the group to eat responsibly.  It is not your last supper, so you don’t have to binge on all of these decadent holiday foods.
You have probably tasted these treats before so you know what they taste like and it is not like you will never be able to eat them again.

When I was overweight I use to eat like it was the last supper. It didn’t matter if it was Christmas or Tuesday.  I just overate…all the time.  In my mind, it was like I would not be able to eat again, so I better fill up.  I would eat so fast and shovel the food into my mouth I had no idea how the food actually tasted.  I still eat fast and have to really concentrate on slowing down the whole process.  I remember the first time I had a meal with my mother-in-law, she saw how fast I was piling the food into my face, she asked if I came from a big family because it looked like I was eating so no one would take it away from me.

Not only did I eat fast, I would stretch my stomach and  that’s when my portion distortion started.  Have you been doing this at the Christmas parties? Have you been eating so much because you have convinced yourself that you deserve the treat or you won’t have it again because it is the holiday season.  Well, both “reason’s” are completely lame.

Three issues that were hurting me (I bet you have experienced some of these):

  1. I ate out of boredom.  I was 225lbs,  I didn’t have much of a social life, so I ate because I was home and had nothing to do.  I got fatter, so I ate more…vicious cycle
  2. I was an emotional eater (I still struggle with that today). I ate because I was sad/miserable: ( I was sad and miserable because I was so overweight) I ate when I was happy. I ate when I was mad.  If there was an emotion I would turn to food. Food will never solve a problem or make you feel better.  I guarantee it will make you feel worse!  You know this already.
  3. I was skipping meals. I would never eat breakfast. Then I would eat like a lumberjack at lunch and then I would eat crappy snacks in the afternoon and binge on dinner.

A boot camper asked me last night if I crave chocolate or things like that.  I don’t anymore.  Yes, I have my days and yes if you put a cupcake in front of me,  I might start sweating but generally I have controlled my eating by eating real food and eating throughout the day. I won’t go longer than 3 hrs without eating. This is an easy fix for everyone.  Eat real food, it is that simple, stop making it complicated.

How did I overcome the “last supper” syndrome?


  • I started eating smaller meals throughout the day-making sure that I had protein with every meal.
  • I started drinking lots of water and boy oh boy did that help me feel better!
  • Exercise….need I say more? This is a deal breaker–without exercise you are going no where fast.
  • I started doing my food journals-that I nag you all to do. When you track and see what you actually eat in a day, it will wake you up fast. You will be able to catch any portion distortion or overeating when you see it on paper
  • Late night eating…this is a tough one still. I work odd hours so when I get home if I don’t have a post workout protein shake then it will lead to me opening the cupboards looking for food. The shake and having tea help me get through the hours before bed. I also cut off the eating 2 hrs before bed…the kitchen is closed!

For many of you, you know all of this and it is more often than not, a mental game. This is where you summon up that mental toughness.  It’s just food. Crappy food makes you feel like crap.  Sorry, there really is no way to church that statement up.

Recognize your triggers and be aware of how you can fix them.

If you actually want to change your body you need to change your mind and yes it wouldn’t be me without saying “get your head in the game” (shout out to High School Musical)

Will it keep you up at night because you didn’t have that extra Pina colada, Egg Nogg or  butter tart?  Heck no it won’t!  But I know you go off the rails, at some point you will ask yourself, “Did I really need to eat that entire box of chocolates?”

Jingle bells people not Jiggle Bellies!!!

BONUS – Yummy Smoothie
  Banana Split Smoothie

1 Scoop of Carrie’s Vanilla Protein
1 Frozen Banana
1/2 Cup of Frozen Pineapple Chunks
5 Frozen Strawberries
1 Teaspoon of Pure Cocoa Powder
1 1/2 Cups of Cold Water

Blend and enjoy the no guilt treat!



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  1. I have already begun to think about how I will eat on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas is with my in-laws and we eat our meal at noon, which is great because you have the rest of the day to digest your food. My M-I-L always cooks up a ton of vegetables and she is able to appreciate that I say no thanks to some food. Boxing day is with my family. I am making the dessert and I know what it tastes like so I can avoid it. I need to keep away from the “stuffing ” that goes with the turkey because that is my favourite thing to eat. I avoided it at Thanksgiving and know that I can’ t eat one bite, because that would put the taste in my mouth and leave me wanting more. I think “knowing” your weaknesses is the first battle. My families always have club soda on hand so I always drink this and never feel pressured to have a drink.

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