Bad day breakdown

It started as a great day. Up early, the kids were all in good spirits, everyone had their school bags packed and they were ready to go. There was no fighting of where to sit at the table, no looking for homework, no lost shoes, no nagging to brush their teeth….it was a well oiled machine kind of day.

My morning was great. I had a productive conference call, caught up on some of my emails (*some*) made a healthy yummy lunch and that’s when it all went sideways.

Big Duke, my furry running partner, had to be taken to the vet because he got sick while I was chasing Dopey.  I picked him up today and he looked like hell. Sick is not the word. He has been on an IV, not eating, jacked full of meds and had been suffering a crazy high fever. My heart and stomach dropped just seeing how rough he looked.

While trying to get him settled and comfortable at home, I dropped my phone in his water bowl. When I say that I screeched, I mean I literally screeched with a resounding, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. In a scene right out of the matrix, everything changed into slow motion while I held onto Big Duke with one hand, I reached out with the other, snatching my phone out of the water simultaneously flipping a towel at me, foot into the air and caught it with the hand holding the phone.  Back to normal speed, I stood holding my phone screaming to it while drying it off, “Please be ok, please be ok, please don’t be broken.” Out loud people….full out crazy girl. FULL OUT CRAZY.

I happened to look at the clock on the wall and realized the twins should be getting off the bus. I hustled it over to the bus stop and I wait and I wait and I wait. I finally call the school,  with the previously mentioned wet phone. They cant hear me! Of course they can’t hear me. My phone just went swimming and it’s now breaking up! The school thinks I’m speaking Spanish so they put on a Spanish speaking staff member to translate the crazy lady on the phone.  I am outside yelling “I speak English, my phone is broken, where are my kids?”  I race back home so I can call from the home phone and they tell me they are unsure of what bus the twins are on….WHAT?????? They tell me to hold tight. Hold on Mrs.Burrows, Im sure they are on a bus. How can you not know? These are my children…you have to know where my children are!!!

Let’s recap….dog on his death bed, water logged phone, missing kids = PANIC ATTACK COMMENCING

Oh…did I mention that now I have to pick up my son? I’m trying to get him a message (on the water logged phone) to tell him that I will be late because his sisters are MIA, the dog is dying and my phone is wet. I jump in the car to drive the route the bus takes…maybe I’ll find it broken down, or the girls got off at a friends house and have been trying to call my dripping phone.  Now 45 minutes later the bus rolls up as I’m pulling out of the neighbourhood….I breathe the biggest sigh of relief. 2 children accounted for! Go find the 3rd…I fully expect him to be walking towards home.  I get all the way to the school, never having seen him. Here it comes again.  He’s at a friends. He is lying in a ditch. He is still inside the school. He’s…oh, there he is coming out of the school.

Good grief!

So you know what I did when I got home? I ate a disturbingly large bowl of ice cream.  Why ice cream? Because we didn’t have any doughnuts! If you didn’t know, I have a milk allergy. Not a slight allergy…a full out, “This is going to mess me up allergy”. I grabbed a big spoon and I started shovelling it in. Knowing full well it wouldn’t erase todays events. Knowing full well it wouldn’t make the dog better. Knowing full well it wouldn’t fix my phone. Knowing full well that it wouldn’t give me back the  year I just took off my life with worry and panic.  Knowing full well I would be in pain and beat myself up over it.

Why did I just blather on and tell you about my day that went side ways? To show you that I’m just like you. Sometimes I will turn to food. Sometimes, I think ice cream or a donut will make me feel better. It never does, but it happens. We’re all human and we respond the way we do because we are flawed. We aren’t perfect.

No one is perfect. I tell my clients this all the time. We make poor choices from time to time. Ensuring that those choices are few and far between is a key to the journey of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making the bad choice a “one off” as opposed to the norm is how we keep making gains towards our goals. If we make better choices we start pushing out the bad options and replacing them with good ones. I tell my clients, “You can’t exercise away a bad diet, but you can exercise away a treat or a cheat.”  I took my own medicine.  I started with slugging back a ton of water and had a great work out which included a good long run to cap it all off with a chaser of more water.

While I was working out, I reminded myself, food will never make you feel better or solve a problem.



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