Bigger Car Seats? How about SMALLER kids!!!

This should make most people upset and questions what in the holy [email protected]&% is
going on in the world.

The government is now legislating that car seat manufacturers need to make seats for “bigger” children–which is the politically correct way of saying overweight, obese children. And yes, I get that as a society we have become bigger over time in terms of length and bone density compared to our ancestors, but lets get this straight right now.  The govenment hasn’t said make the seats more accommodating for taller children…make them bigger for “bigger” children.  They even support this obesity factor…keep reading.

Are you kidding me??

This is gone far enough…what is it going to take to send a wake up call
to the world that obesity is an epidemic.  Would you ever have thought that
we would need to be making car seats bigger??

I totally support whatever safety aspect in relation to the child in the car seat or the safety of the manufacturing of the car seat.  Tell me you are changing the regulations to make the seats safer by increasing the load bearing aspect for rear facing seats so we can leave our children facing the back of the car longer.

This is right from the Globe and Mail article yesterday…

The changes are driven partly by the trend of children getting bigger over the past two decades, Transport Canada said. Experts blame shifting lifestyles, including high-calorie food consumption, more time spent in front of the computer or television, and mothers switching earlier to feeding their babies formula rather than breast milk.

What I don’t support is that our kids, our future is fat.  Yes I know a number of you don’t like that word. Please-it is a hard a truthful word–I lived it -I
know it-I feel comfortable in saying it.  I think we as a society need to
buck up and not get caught up in the words and look at the problem that fat
kills -obesity is killing people.

The truth is that kids are bigger because of higher calorie-higher fat
food.  There is a fast food “restaurant”, a term I will use loosely, at every
corner.  Parents are over worked and tired and we need these ginormous car
seats so these “big” kids can eat their dinner while sitting in these said
seats after going thru the drive thru.  COME ON people…..smarten up.  Happy
Meals have turned this into a Un-Happy World.

This money that the government is spending on education for manufacturers and the public, should be redirected and it should be put into teaching people about food—real food-not boxed food.

I can ask 50 people how much sugar they should consume and I can tell you
that 50 people would tell me they have no idea.  Sad.  That leads straight into our lazy lifestyle.  “If the box says low fat then it must be fine!” Heck
no….that’s marketing so that you buy the “low fat” high sugar -high
chemical products instead.

Do you know how to keep kids safe….stop feeding them junk.  Stop being
lazy about not eating healthy…..that excuse is so lame.  I really have no
other word for it.

By making car seat manufacturers build these big seats and have parents
that have to buy these big seats sends a message loud and clear that obesity
wins…yet again.  Any government money that can be spent should be spent
into the healthcare system.  Does anyone remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  Prevention, education and fixing this food fiasco is the answer…not bigger car seats.

Stop it….everyone…..just stop it.  This is an excuse merry go round. I
hear it every day why you can’t eat properly…..its just an excuse–that’s

Fast food, excessive tv and computer time…those are issues that need to be addressed.  No sports or gym in school has turned this world into a big ol’ mess……and if everyone doesnt smarten up it will only get worse.

Big car seats….come on…..

Click here for the entire G & M article.




  1. Well said Carrie. Send your blog post to the Globe editorial. Anyone who can read should receive this message. I agree whole heartedly and applaud you for being succinct and clear! You’re right on the money!

  2. I’m with you!! My sister is a registered dietician working for City of Toronto and they do a lot of programs and initiatives to help kids choose healthier options. Except that their funding keeps getting cut on a regular basis. And with this report about bigger car seats, it’s like the government saying that it’s totally okay to have obese children and condemn them to a life of preventable diseases, health problems ansd risk of premature death!!!

  3. Well said, Carrie! I find it also a sad shame that even recess at the school my children attend is many times “walk and talk”- no running, no finger-touch tag, no cartwheels, no exercise! I am fortunate in that I am aware of this and am able to up the exercise my children get at home. I think food and exercise go together in creating healthy habits and wonder how it is with all this information about how to raise healthy children we are still limiting their exercise at recess and making car seats bigger to fit them!! So sad.

  4. Carrie, I feel your pain…Where is the DPA for my kids at school? Isn’t it supposed to be DAILY Physical Activity? When I asked my kids about it yesterday they said, “Yes, we do it Mommy, but not every day.” Argh! You know, research shows that kids learn better when they engage in physical activity, especially “at risk/kinesthetic learners/boys”. But, some school systems are so afraid of litigation that our kids aren’t even allowed to play sports at recess, or in gym class. My little hockey/baseball athlete has to do crab crawls and toss a bean bag. Disengaged in gym class. Help me!

  5. I am so happy to hear that you are as baffled by this as I am. As a mom, the last fight that we want our children to fight is obesity. We are trying to raise our children as we were (we didn’t enter a Mc Donald’s until I was 13) with lots of collard, kale, spinach (yes texture not fun but hey life isn’t always fun). I freeze a lot of seasonal produce (a freezer full of pureed at our place) to add to our family meals. The kids are in extra sports, soccer, gymnastics and dance. At our school our principal is a strict physical activity supporter, so we are luckier than most. I am by no means the perfect parent, there are days that I want to throw in the towel and drive thru. Which is what I have done….watching the kids writher in pain from the processed garbage is a painful and a very good glimpse of what would happens to them inside if this is done on a daily basis. We have to teach our children the right way to live. Apples aren’t just for table decorations, Celery isn’t for fancy tomato drinks and running isn’t just for the Olympics. It is time consuming to prepare and drive but it would be more heartbreaking watching your child dying from a preventable illness.

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