Boot Camp is BETTER!

Boot Camp IS better!!

A bold statement.  A true statement.  Don’t worry I can back up those statements too.   For those of you know that know me, I am not the wishy-washy type. So, when I say boot camp is better, I mean it, I believe it and I can prove it.  Here’s why.

At boot camp we move from our feet to fingers.  By move, I mean we MOVE our ENTIRE bodies, every single muscle. We push, we pull, we lift, we get up, we bend/stretch, we run stairs.

What kind of moves are those? ALL FUNCTIONAL REAL LIFE MOVEMENTS.  They are the moves that mimic real life activities.  Things you actually do!  We make those movements more challenging with the use of body weight and resistance.

Boot camp better because we have accountability.  You don’t show up, you get an email from yours truly!  You have group support.  Other boot campers support and encourage you…we’re a team, a kind of family.
(The gym knows and actually hopes you don’t show up.  I want you to show up.  We want you to show up.  I make sure that you do! )

Simmer down all of you yogi’s and gym goers.   Sitting on a bike peddling away, going nowhere fast doesn’t do it for me.  To each their own.

An ABC news report revealed that standard cardio equipment caloric readings are not accurate.  “Liar, liar elliptical on fire” was the biggest offender with a false reading of 42%.  42% over-estimate of calories burned!  Yikes!! You just got burned! Your calories, not so much.

So you think that you just burned 500 calories pushing away on that elliptical, bike or treadmill and you really didn’t #fail.

We burn 800-1000 calories at boot camp.  We move feet to fingers!

I am proud of you boot campers.  I am proud of how hard you work.  This blog post is to give you a virtual hi-5!!!  I am proud of your dedication, commitment and energy!

Here is a shout out to some of our 7 Day Slim *stars*.  These are INCREDIBLE 7 DAY results! 7 DAYS people.  Who else wants results like this?

  • Kelly  8 3/4 inches lost
  • Rhoda 5 inches lost
  • Lori 9 inches lost
  • Bridie 5.5 inches lost
  • Sara 10 inches lost
  • Maureen 9 inches lost
  • Lisa 4.5 inches lost
  • Diane 7 inches lost
  • Jess 5.5 inches lost

So proud of everyone that shows up to boot camp each and every night!!!  You are awesome!




  1. I am one of the bootcampers who DID the 7 day slim down. It wasn’t easy but I stayed focused on the goal. I was supported by my family at home and at bootcamp. I ate delicious, tasty food that kept me sustained. Bootcamp is a million times better than any gym! Does running on a treadmill work every muscle in your body? Nope, but bootcamp certainly does. Even after 6 months I wake up feeling sore as Carrie constantly challenges us to give our best & be our best

  2. Thats awesome you guys, i am so looking forward to getting back into the routine and hopefully the 7 day slim down will be available when i get back. you guys rock thats great
    Michelle Worby

  3. Way to go Ladies!!!! And yes Maureen I am still discovering new muscles the morning after I’ve been to bootcamp. But I love it!!! Keep up the great work.

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