Boot Camper of the Month!!

What does it actually take to lose weight?  Yes, the right food and the right exercise but also, and most importantly, the right mindset.

If you go into a new fitness program with the, “been there-done that” attitude, you will never achieve total success.

A number of you have been on the diet roller coaster and have tried every new fitness craze out there, but have you been able to keep the weight off?

Getting clear with your goals is really important and seems to be always overlooked.

When you join boot camp and tell me that you want to “lose weight and tone up” that is just fluff.  There is nothing to that statement and there is nothing to hold you accountable.

Meet Jen.  Jen joined boot camp in the summer and has been diligent at showing up to class giving 110% at every workout.  But she was missing a few key essentials.

Jen booked an appointment with me to have a personalized meal plan done and she has followed it to the letter.

When I asked her specific questions; she had the specific answers.

She knew the amount of weight she wanted to loose.  She knew the size of pant she wanted to be in and she had a timeline.  Goals set, time line determined! She has an upcoming trip that she wants to be in tiptop shape for!

She had specifics.

In the month since Jen has lost over 10 inches.  10 inches!!

She is still moving forward.

She is following her food plan, she is showing up for her workouts, she is still committed because she wants to reach her goal.

But 10 inches for her isn’t good enough.  She wants to achieve her specific goal.

I want to give a huge shout out to Jen!!  Way to go!!!  You are a great role model!  You have a busy, busy life and you still manage to eat the right food and show up to class.

I applaud you for committing to your health and sticking with it.

Jen used the magic formula that I ramble on and on about.  The same magical message that I think many people might miss. Because of its special magical powers, I feel compelled to give it to you all againg, are you ready , because here it is…

Set your realistic goals, with attainable timelines.  Commit to those goals by eating the right foods, in the right amounts at the right times.  Do the right exercise for your goals which is sensible and designed for your needs……Taaadaaaaaaa!!!  Secret revealed yet again!

The difference between most people’s results and Jen’s results are; Jen has listened and when she was tempted with food or offers to go out and blow off boot camp -she stayed the course, considered her goals, measured what was the offers and food would do to her goals and look….10 inches later she is almost at her goal!

10 inches people, that’s a lot.

Again, way to go Jen!  I am so super proud of you.  You are a testament that even busy people can make and eat the right food and find an hour a day to show up at boot camp!

Now it’s your turn everyone.  Make a commitment to yourself; set a specific goal (not a fluffy goal)**.  Specific – what pant size are you in now???? If I could give you a new pair of pants, what size would they be?? And don’t say…”well, I’m a 14/16 now and I would be happy with size 12″ NO YOU WOULDN’T!  I bet if you would get down to a size 7/8 you would be doing cartwheels!!!  Don’t settle for easy!

Set your goal, do it now! Post your goal on the blog and that will start your accountability.  Everyone that reads your goal you can be held accountable to.  You put that much commitment into yourself, you bet you’ll hold yourself even more accountable.

Ok, last thing…please do not use this holiday season as an excuse to go off the wagon (food or alcohol).  Smarten up people.  That was my public safety message for this weekend!!

Everyone show Jen some love!  Leave her a comment on the blog!!  I am sooooo proud of you!!  You have joined the ranks of a bunch of really great people who have committed to themselves and changed their lives…Amy, Katrina, Mel and more.

SO, who’s next????

** (A fluffy goal). ie ” I want to lose weight.  I want to get in shape.  I want to feel better.”  Everyone who is overweight wants to lose weight, round is a shape, why do you want to feel better?




  1. Wow Carrie! Thank you sooo much!! You didn’t mention though that I have an awesome inspiratonal motivator in YOU! I’m sure you underestimate how key your influence and energy have been to shake me up and make me tap into whatever it takes to do the best I can and be the best I can for me! I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement and all the motivating workouts. I know many boot campers will agree with me, you are the best at what you do and I couldn’t have done it without you. Now, onward and upward!! Woohoo!!!!

  2. Way to go JEN!! How great does it feel to start on a journey that you now know you can accomplish?! And yes, Carrie is a great motivator and she does have an uncanny ability to tap into your “mojo” (as she would call it). I owe a world of thanks to Carrie – BUT… YOU set the goal and YOU are the one who put in the work to get this far. Keep it going! You have inspired me to create a new goal! I don’t know what it is yet but I’ll keep you posted.

    Shout out…. See you at boot camp “TEN!!”


  3. Congratulations Jen! Awesome.
    I am not sure if this is a fluff goal but I want to do boot camp:
    a) with 8 pound weights
    b) not always be last one running. (I do feel proud of what I have accomplished because I used to be the last one walking).
    Okay the size thing: I would do cartwheels at a size 14. I know I am losing weight very slowly but I feel like I am going in the right direction.

  4. Wow Jen Fox that is great – congratulations! Keep on going!!

    I too joined bootcamp in the summer and even though I have arthritic, sore knees I still show up at least three times a week and do the best I can. Carrie weighed me on Monday and I was glad to see that I had lost 18 lbs since my weigh in in July!! It is a slow process but I too am going in the right direction.

    My goal is to feel great about myself again and go clothes shopping without crying in the changeroom!


  5. Way to Go Jenn!! You have inspired me … Your work ethic is awesome! ^5.

    My immediate goal … To accept fully that’s it’s OK to put myself first and not feel guilty about it and to ask for help when I need it.

    Christmas goal … Trade in my 5 lb weights for 8lb weights.

    Thanks Carrie for giving me the tools and insight on why I need to do this full throttle. Keep pushing me to be my best!

  6. Great job Jen! You & Carrie both motivate me. I’m so glad I joined boot camp and happy I met you cause you’re a great workout buddy!

    When I first joined I couldn’t remember the last time I ran and thought I was going to die after the first day but now I look forward to the classes & I don’t even mind the running anymore!

    Immediate goal – Start using the 8lbs weights I just bought & put away my 5lbs for good!

    Christmas “Cabo” Goal – Lose 8lbs to get down to my goal weight of 130lbs and fit into my bikinis!

    See you in the morning!

  7. WOW! There are some great goals posted. Can’t wait to see them in action.

    Special shout out to to my fellow 10 pounder Jen, the look on your face when Carrie told you your results after the last weigh in was priceless. You looked like a kid on Christmas morning! Pure Joy!! What a privilege to see the look first hand. 🙂

    I truly see why Carrie is so passionate about helping others as she has the opportunity to share in their bliss on a daily basis.

    Thank you is not enough.

  8. Way to go sister. When you told me about it on the phone last week, I almost didn’t believe you… almost… but I saw how dedicated you were, and how hard you worked for it (like most things you really want).
    I agree with Carrie and all the ladies here… you ARE an inspiration. I was at mom’s last weekend and you should hear how much you’ve inspired her to re-energize her workouts.
    Proud of you sis. Keep it up… then help me to lift more! haha!
    ps. Carrie… I checked out your website a while ago… wicked deal. You’ve really got a gift for helping and inspiring people.

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