Christmas Jerks…how to avoid them & avoid being one.

Odd title to this blog post, I know…but I will explain.

I was at a Christmas party last week. It was great to socialize, meet new people, talk about a range of topics and then IT happened.

“IT” was one of the party guests coming over to me insisting I eat some cookies or cake or have some of the appetizers. When I politely declined, she offered me other things wine, mixed drinks, some kind of Christmas creamy alcoholic conncoction and again I politely declined.


Before making my way to the party I had dinner. I was full so not to be tempted by any of the holiday food joy.

Back to my story…once I refused food for the second time, she rallied the troops. Mark…Carrie is not having any of the treats…go and make her up a plate. Which was followed by “you can afford to eat it, c’mon just have a plate” Then the host hollered over to another guest and said “Christine…Carrie needs to have some of your cheesecake doesn’t she?! grab her a piece”.

Smiling and kindly pushing away the food, I insisted that I was full. Her reply was “you are small, you should eat more AND it’s the holidays” — whhhaaaattttt?

You know all heck would break loose if tables were turned and I went around telling people to put food down, can I get an Amen on that one?! #Amen



Look lady, I have been cordial and polite but enough was enough. So then I started…I told the host that none of the food there was on my nutrition plan, that most of that sugary, fattening stuff will make me sick to my stomach…then came the doozy and I said :

 I don’t need food to enjoy the company of others.


I’m know the host and most of these food pushing guests are very nice people but that night they were jerks.  In a not so mall way, they were being bullies.  Now that isn’t to minimize real world bullying, but you know what I mean.  I honestly felt like I was being bullied into joining in their experience.


Food doesn’t equal happiness or a good time to me. I will add a disclaimer that yes, I have had meals and have said, “Hellooooo happiness” while eating said meal.

If you are big or small don’t give in to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Canada Day, Halloween food pushers.

Those Christmas calories add up fast and can get out of control fast.

This morning I got a phone call from one of the guests congratulating me on my stand and she asked me to put together a plan for her nutritional future.  She wants to start today…not after the holidays. 

Just like raising our children…when you stand up for what you believe in, the influence you can have on others is golden.

Celebrate being with the company of others.  Enjoy your time, fellowship and the company of others without the regret of doing something that you wouldn’t normally do and that doesn’t fit into your own nutritional plan.



Let Your Mistakes Be Your Motivation

You can’t hope away the extra pounds.  Simple enough sentence but really think about it this:

“If you want to see change, you have to make the change happen.”

We all get off track from time to time and the reality is life happens. You don’t give up, you don’t throw in the towel and you don’t make excuses.



As one wise boot camper said to me, “Those times when you don’t feel like showing up; when you are busy, stressed, over scheduled, that’s when you do show up”

Know the difference between a set back and failure.

Set Back: You slipped up, lost focus, got busy, caved in, got lazy

Failure: You decided your health wasn’t worth the effort.



You can recover from set backs pretty easy.  As long as you don’t suffer set backs too often and your commitment on your goal is always your prime focus.

When you feel like quitting or not showing up you need to remember the reason why you started.  Your goal, whatever it is, has to be from your heart.  Your, “I want it so bad!” motivator.



I am here to motivate you, but you have to actually want to see change.

The excuses get old and tired.  There has to come a point where you just stop making excuses.


excuses (1)



I guarantee you that there is someone out there that is busier than you, stressed more than you, over-scheduled more that you and they still manage to eat healthy and exercise.

So what’s stopping you???? That’s right, your answer should be NOTHING!!

I read a great quote and I think this needs to stay with everyone

“Dead last is greater than did not finish which trumps did not start”



Recognizing the things that you do wrong is a great step to fixing your mindset.  You have to be honest with yourself. Your mistakes should be part of your motivation to succeed, not your excuses when you measure your failure.

Hockey practices, swimming lessons, tough day at work, shopping, tired, hungry.  Guess what,  so many people think those reasons for not eating healthy and not exercising are justifiable because you got to “take part” or be there.  Good, you should be there, but what about the television, talk on the phone, surf Facebook time.  Pass on that stuff, because it’s not what the people who are hitting their goals are doing.  And when those people look back, they won’t be saying, “I wish I would have spent more time updating my status, or watching TV.” Nope, they’re looking in the mirror and saying, “It was so worth it!!”



Your mistakes should be your motivation, not your excuses.


Halloween Hangover

So…….how’d ya do???

Did you stay strong and resist the urge to tear into those bite size candies? Or did you buckle and eat your body weight in “fun” size candy??

Did you wake up this morning and while getting dressed start saying (or screaming) WHY…WHY DID I EAT ALL OF THAT CANDY??

If you are suffering a chocolate/candy hangover you need to re-group; dump the candy and say no to your candy pushing co-workers who are trying to unload their candy.

3 fun size pieces of candy will cost you more than 20 minutes of jogging!  Do the math: You had a couple before trick or treating + a couple during trick or treating + a few more during the sorting process x the number of kids you have equals…A LOT OF RUNNING TO BURN THAT CHOCOLATE OFF

you ate it, negate it

I know the internal conversation you had with yourself….”oooohhh that kind is my favourite” or “I will just have this one!” Bet you said this “Well, I have had so many what’s one more?!”

I see so many of you that work soooo hard  but then you tell me that you had wings, wine, candy, (or insert whatever bad food here) and you wonder why you are not losing weight.  The reason is simple!  You keep sabotaging yourself!!!! When you workout and bring your A game, give it your all, you are burning the crap that you ate that day.  You never get to that stored fat.  Think about that!  All your work is to just maintain.

So if you start your day with a latte, then have a muffin add a bagel and some pasta for dinner, you workout and you might burn through half of those calories.  You don’t burn the stuff you want to get rid of off of your thighs, tummy or backside, BUT you keep doing it.  Why?? You are choosing food, junk food, you are letting the food control you.


Make the commitment to change your eating habits, dump the junk, drink the water that you need and exercise!!!!

Halloween is over and it likely was a scary night with all of the reckless eating but onwards my friends……

Candy is not your friend.  I am…so start listening to me!!!

Halloween Hangover remedy:

LOTS of water–eat real food, (lean protein, veggies) and get moving (exercise is a MUST).

We have 7 weeks until Christmas…..that means a lot of parties, dinners, get-together, cakes, cookies, drinks, it means you need to pull it together!!  No maintaining through that! That is the recipe for waistline disaster.

Starting NOW it’s game on.  No more fooling around.  No more making excuses why you can’t.  No more giving in to food weaknesses.  No more nonsense.

Fit haters double standard?!

I ‘ve touched on this issue over the course of a few blog posts but now is the time to call it out.

I have talked about this with many of you, my awesome clients and boot campers…the fact that there is a double standard in the health and fitness world.
This is for those of you who have lost weight and have committed to making it out to boot camp (or whatever your fitness activity of choice) 3 or more times a week, for those of you that have followed the boot camp nutrition plan or whatever healthy eating guide and have lost weight have all encountered the haters.
You know there are poeple who say that you are obsessed with working out or say you have become strict with your food, when they are actually the ones who are policing your food and what you eat.
Think of the people who say you have lost enough weight or that you are starting to look sick or the ones that have a laundry list of things to sway you off track.
Why is it socially acceptable for people to comment on how fit people live but heaven for bid we call out the non healthy people?
What kind of hell on earth would be released if you said to someone,”do you really need to eat that cookie” or “wow, you are so fat, are you just going to keep getting fatter?”
I think people who sit in front of the tv for 3-5 hours a night watching tv are obsessed and their minds are going to mush.
Why is it ok for those fit haters to say something but you could potentially be slapped or unfriended if you question someone overweight??
Why is it socially acceptable to be rude to healthy people? How dare we question someone who is overweight but they can question us about taking care of our health… holy double standard.
I know that it boils down to a jealousy issue. For those of us who want to be fit and healthy we commit to that lifestyle which at times can be hard.
ANYONE can sit in front of the tv or come up with excuses as to why they can’t.
Could you imagine if you question your co-worker about watching 3hrs of tv a night?  “Who do you think you are” 3hrs is average. That’s awful and scary, but for some reason they can’t carve out an hour a day or pry themselves away from the TV to improve their health because they just possibly can’t miss their favourite show…really???
Priorities.  Easy is easy…..effort is AWESOME!!
I would love to say to someone who questions me and my health and fitness habits about how they are using tax dollars and draining our healthcare system.It is no badge of honour that you are on 5 kinds of meds for obesity related disorders.
Next time someone questions you and your commitment to your health tell them what they need to hear….reverse the double standard.
Political correctness or political niceness has gone overboard. I know that I am healthy and I am teaching my kids healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle and that my needs are just as important.
I know all of you sports parents have 101 excuses why you can’t miss a practice but you are the same people hitting the drive thru and feeding your kids fast food on their way to their “healthy” activities. WHAT…hello double standard?????   Geesh….simmering down, that is a separate post.
Be healthy – be fit and be proud of it-you worked hard, wear it with pride….not only wear the pride you can also rock the skinny jeans…not many can, but you can because you worked for it!
Here is some strength in pictures for you.

I am thankful.

Happy Canadian  Thanksgiving  and Columbus Day to my US friends and family.

Thanksgiving is one of those special days that makes us think and reflect on what is, what has been and what could be.  It really shouldn’t be that way though.  Everyday is a gift which we should be thankful for always.  Challenges, troubles, triumphs, success… they all add to our make up and determine who we are.  So give thanks everyday.

Today though, I give thanks.

I give thanks that I have my health.

I give thanks that my family is healthy.

I give thanks for a wonderful family.

I give thanks for great friends.

I give thanks that I am in a free country.

I give thanks that I have choices.

I give thanks that every opportunity is available if I work hard enough.

I give thanks for every person that has joined me as a client and as a boot camper.

I give thanks for the inspiration you have all provided me.

I give thanks for the ability to help others.

I give thanks for those that accept my help.

I give thanks for everyone that has improved their lives around me.

I give thanks for the challenges I have.

I give thanks for every success I have had.

I give thanks for every failure I have learned from.

I give thanks for life.

I give thanks that you have taken the time to read this.

I give thanks



What are you thankful for??