Choices plus decisions equals results

We are a week post Disney run and I think we are all still riding that high!!

I love that so many people want to do the next Disney run with us. We have more people to testify that every mile is magical!! Yes, we will be doing a training group so that everyone is ready to runDisney!!

Today’s post I want to talk about choices.

We have hundreds of choices and decisions we make in a given day.

  • Black socks or white socks (always white for me).
  • Dress pants or a skirt. (Sidenote: my choices daily when it comes to dressing are easy and awesome–capri’s and runners!)
  • Chocolate protein shake or vanilla protein shake.

With every decision we make, there will always come a result…and at times those results may not be the desired outcome.

Monique your fellow boot camper and now half marathoner made the decision to start boot camp exactly 1 year ago. She showed up and could not do a push up…not one and could not do a sit up…not one and when we had to run…well, she tried.

Was it overwhelming to her? I’m sure it was but she made the DECISION to come back the next night and try again and she kept coming back…tadaa…that is where and when the magic happens! She made the right decisions.  She set goals. She followed the nutrition plan.  SHE SHOWED UP!

In the process she became strong, lean and athletic. We have all been able to see Monique go through a transformation of losing weight, getting definition, becoming strong and having endless endurance.

Monique is a working mom who is also going to school.  She could make excuses as to being to busy.  She could easily say, “I’m too tired.”  “Not tonight, I have too much to do”.  But Monique decided to be healthy. She MAKES the time!  We have seen Monique go from wearing baggy clothes to now wearing fitted clothes. She (like myself) gets excited buying all of these new fun workout clothes.

She has expanded her nutrition portfolio and is excited to try new foods and prepare healthy meals. It is exciting to be healthy and fit…I keep telling y’all this…IT IS THE TRUTH!!

Your fellow boot camper started with limited stamina and endurance. In the past year she has taken on boot camp at least 3x a week, the Urban Warrior Challenge, the Egg Nog Jog and now a Disney Half Marathon!!!!

I don’t think Monique joined boot camp and put those events on her to do list but as they came up she took them on. I think we all need to have a fitness bucket list. Have small goals and then have some really big kick ass fitness goals!!!

Being fit, slim and healthy is exciting–it’s not scary.

Being around like-minded people who support you and encourage you is what boot camp is all about…oh and doing a million burpees and burning a million calories!

YOU HAVE TO START. You can’t get to those things off your fitness bucket list without starting.

Choices…you can choose to be fit and feel alive OR you can choose to keep doing nothing and feel icky and miserable. You can’t wish yourself into a better body…and as you all know, I am all about Pixie Dust, but that stuff ain’t nearly strong enough to get you into better health 🙂

Choose today that things will be different. Choose today that you will show up to boot camp…no matter what happens you will show up.

Decide to be an energized, fit person…because it is possible, you just have to show up!!

Monique…I am so proud of you. You are proof that when you put your health as a priority anything is possible. I am honoured to be a part of your journey!!!

Keep kickin’ a&%!!monique

Who’s next??? who will be our next testimonial. Proof is there that it can be done….so…will it be you???




  1. I am so proud of all the princess marathoners! You guys are truly an inspiration to the rest of us! We all have princess envy now and want to follow along next year………..way to go guys!!!

  2. Yeah Monique, Liana, Sheri and Carrie! You are all an inspiration for me! I totally agree….hanging around like minded people is a good thing! We’re already signed up for a 10k the end of April…I’m sure there will be more…I want to do the 5k Runway Run at Pearson Airport in June…who’s with me??? DISNEY 2014! Bring it on…I’ll be there

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