Choose to be fat…you have got to be kidding me!?


We make hundreds of choices each and everyday.

From the simplest of coices, apple or banana or in my world what colour of running shoes to wear 😉

Our choices always have an outcome. Our experiences guide us in our future decions.

I came across an article yesterday and the title was “I choose to be fat” so of course my eyes bugged out of my head. Before reading the article I went through every scenario as to why someone would choose to be fat. In reality for many, many years I choose to be fat. I choose to be fat because it was easier. Then I was sad and miserable because I missed out on my teen years. I never got to play sports, I had to shop in the plus size section, my socal life was non existent. So then I choose to change. Was making the change hard…heck yeah it was…was it worth it? Hells yes! It was so worth it that I have dedicated my life to help people get and stay healthy.

I think this article is garbage. In essence after reading this piece of writing, I’m mad. I think its a cheap attempt to get some traffic to their website. I am not going to link to this article because it is not giving it any more attention or glorification. Its the shock, awe and taboo of talking about being fat & obesity. People become enraged discussing fat. I have wrote about ” the double standard” – its ok to say “oh my you are too skinny” but if you said to someone “oh my you are so overweight” just wouldnt happen.

In the article the writer mentions that her upbringing was difficult. I completely understand that. We all have a story. Its how we react to our circumstances that can make or break us. You can choose to be knocked down or you can choose to get back up. I lost my dad at the age of 6 then I lost my mom on my 20th birthday. I could’ve eaten my way to 300lbs easily. I could have very easily said, “My circumstances as a child have traumatized me so I choose to be fat.”

As an adult you have the sense and ability to make decisions. You can choose to be a victim of your circumstances or you can choose to be a champion…again, all about your choices.

Here are some of my thoughts:

– Would this girl still choose to be fat if she had to sign a waiver that voids her of any medical coverage because of her blatant disregard for her health?

– Since she chooses to be fat, then I should have the right to choose not to have to subsidize any of her obesity related health care costs.

– I have dedicated my life to help people lose weight and live healthy lives and this asshat is trying to romanticize her decision to be lazy.

– Her article is a culmination of flowery words that says to me she is a quitter. Its easier to give up. Life is tough and people are judgemental – move on.

-Fact: being overweight/obese shaves years off of your life. 

The reality is, this woman will develop diabetes and heart disease among other health related diseases. She will lose a foot to gangrene, be on lifelong medication for blood pressure or enhalers because she cant breath along with pain killers because her weight is crushing her bones and joints. Not a smart way to deal with emotional problems.

There, I’ve said my piece…what are your thoughts?





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  1. Hi Carrie,
    I am pleased to see that you speak the truth with honesty. We are all respsonsible for our choices regardless of our past or present – our decisions make our future and these affect not only our selves but the lives of those closest to us (as well as our community – our youth are always watching!). I am reminded of “the pebble in the pond effect” – whether we are aware of it or not our choices have consequences – we just might not see them right away.
    To everyones good health and happiness – thanks for sharing what we all need to hear – whether we want to or not!
    All the best,

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