Christmas jerks

Odd title to this blog post, I know…but I will explain.

I was at a Christmas party this week. It was great to socialize, meet new people, talk about a range of topics and then IT happened. 

“IT” was one of the party guests coming over to me insisting I eat some cookies or cake or have some of the appetizers. When I politely declined, she offered me other things wine, mixed drinks, some kind of Christmas creamy alcoholic conncoction and again I politely declined.


Before making my way to the party I had dinner. I was full so not to be tempted by any of the holiday food joy.

Back to my story…once I refused food for the second time, she rallied the troops. Mark…Carrie is not having any of the treats…go and make her up a plate. Which was followed by “you can afford to eat it, c’mon just have a plate” Then the host hollered over to another guest and said “Christine…Carrie needs to have some of your cheesecake doesn’t she?! grab her a piece”.

Smiling and kindly pushing away the food, I insisted that I was full. Her reply was “you are small, you should eat more AND it’s the holidays”



Look lady, I have been cordial and polite but enough was enough. So then I started…I told the host that none of the food there was on my nutrition plan, that most of that sugary, fattening stuff will make me sick to my stomach…then came the doozy and I said that I don’t need food to enjoy the company of others.

I’m know the host and most of these food pushing guests are very nice people but that night they were jerks.  In a not so mall way, they were being bullies.  Now that isn’t to minimize real world bullying, but you know what I mean.  I honestly felt like I was being bullied into joining in their experience.  


Food doesn’t equal happiness or a good time to me. I will add a disclaimer that yes, I have had meals and have said, “Hellooooo happiness” while eating said meal.

If you are big or small don’t give in to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Canada Day, Halloween food pushers.

Those Christmas calories add up fast and can get out of control fast.

This morning I got a phone call from one of the guests congratulating me on my stand and she asked me to put together a plan for her nutritional future.  She wants to start today…not after the holidays. 

Just like raising our children…when you stand up for what you believe in, the influence you can have on others is golden.

Celebrate being with the company of others.  Enjoy your time, fellowship and the company of others without the regret of doing something that you wouldn’t normally do and that doesn’t fit into your own nutritional plan.






  1. Good for you, those food pushers are lucky you didnt say “do you know how many times you have to run around a gym to burn off that cookie” Not worth it! Or the famous drop and give me 50 burpees you food bully. 🙂
    Carrie, for being so small you are certainly mighty and strong in more ways than one. Peace out!

    1. Thanks Hurricane!!! I was close to busting out some fitness facts and dropping some knowledge on the party goers, but I held back. Next time though…
      Thanks for reading the blog, always appreciate your feedback!!

  2. I was always taught that your job as a hostess was to ensure that your guests are comfortable and that their needs are meet. Trying to push your will on a guest is rude and very, very bad manners. So is trying to embarrass some-one into eating by making them the center of attention. The proper thing is to politely acknowledge the guests decision and ask if you could provide something that did meet their nutritional requirements-thus making them happy and comfortable. I know that we run into the same problem with my niece who has Anaphylactic food allergies. People don’t take no for an answer. I have to say though, they learn mighty quick when Aunt Michelle says “no”. LOL!

  3. I am honestly surprised that this happened to you, Thank god you had the guts to speak out ~I don’t think many could do it, including myself. You continue to inspire us in many ways. Keep on keeping on. Next time you are at a birthday sing, Happy Burpee to You!

  4. I wonder if there is a way of being gracious without losing sight of the nutritional plan. Perhaps scanning the buffet, and picking something that is not too far off the plan so that you can point to that on your plate and say thank you I have enough. Or taking a small piece and a napkin to cover it with after eating only one bite. If you can refuse my 85 year old mother who spent all day baking, then you are a better woman than I am. I am very happy to run those extra miles for her.

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