Commitment. It’s a full time requirement to a better life.

It’s Monday, the beginning of a fresh new week and with that the potential of what you can accomplish is limitless and you have so much control over that!!
During the summer months, so many people eat and drink with reckless abandon. That reckless abandon adds up, weekend after weekend. You might not be recording every missed workout but your body sure does. You probably turn a blind eye to your choices and try to ignore it but your body holds on to every lasting moment just to remind you about what you did.

I know it is hard to find time to exercise, I know that work is crazy, I know that the kids schedule is busy….but I also know that if you don’t stop and regroup you will be battling this weight issue forever. If you continue to make excuses and not find the time for your health that you will always be upset with how you look and feel. Guaranteed.

Compared to everything else you have been through, eating right and exercising is easy.

I promise that if you get yourself back on the health and fitness wagon you will get an instant boost of happiness and self-confidence. The time for changes in your life need to start now….these are necessary changes and changes that you can do, you just have to be willing to do them.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not”
Who are you? When people refer to you, what do they say?
I remember that I had an aunt who would always say “Carrie, you have a nice face and have a good head on your shoulders but it is surrounded by all of that fat”  Harsh, but it was the truth.

As a mom, I want to be healthy and I want to live a long life. I want my kids to grow up with a healthy body image and I never, ever, EVER want them to have to suffer/struggle with the pain of being overweight like I was. I am a role model to them in more ways than just what all parents should be. I want them to understand that yes, you have to carve some time out of your day to take care of yourself, even if there is laundry to do.

You can wish all you want for a fit body, but you know that you can wish until the cows come home.  You actually have to work for it. You work for the body that you have…..if you are eating what you want, and drinking alcohol.  It shows and you know it.
Have a healthy and happy day. Be amazing and be strong!




  1. Thank you Carrie, for the Monday morning wake-up!!! I am still amazed at what I have accomplished in health/fitness/weight loss in just 5 months. The hardest part was making the decision to REALLY commit. Once I did that the results were so exciting and motivating, I can’t conceive going back to feeling bad about myself.

    1. I am so proud of you Monique!! You are such an inspiration! You are always in such great spirits and always have such great energy!!! You deserve every bit of success you have earned!!!

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