Control for a happier life

What affects how you feel? How many times per day do you let silly things affect your mood/happiness? I’ll be honest, I’m a worrier.

I sweat the small stuff, mind you I like sweating ūüôā

I have always been a worrier and I have actively tried to change it. ¬†I think I’m better¬†now than I used to be¬†but I consider it part of my DNA.

Do I like it…heck no! ¬†Would I like to be relaxed and have things easy peasy¬†all of the time…heck yes.¬† Would I love to be able to say, “No worries mahn.¬† Evryting¬†will be awlright.”

When you allow all the external things that you really have no ability to control to affect your mood, you are living reactively.  Trust me, I know.

  • The economy
  • Co-workers / other people
  • Your job
  • A sports team
  • The weather
  • Politics

This list could go on and on… these are all things that we have ZERO CONTROL or at the very least, very little control¬†over.

Lack of control can cause depression, unhappiness, and anxiety.

Allowing yourself to focus on these external factors that you can’t control is a one way ticket to being miserable, pessimistic, and negative. We all know people who are just plain unhappy and we all wish that we would never want to be like them. For some they wear their unhappiness as a badge of honor or its written all over their face.¬† You know the ones, you make eye contact for a split second to long, they let you know how they are feeling and how bad their world is.

My suggestion to those people and the reminder I give myself is simple…concentrate on the things that YOU CAN CONTROL!!¬† Those things like:

  • Your health
  • Your exercise
  • Your mindset
  • Your nutrition
  • Your education

Do you happen to¬†notice the word “YOUR” in front of everything? It’s because these are things that are directly in your control. All you have to do is re-claim YOUR POWER over YOUR LIFE.

Stop being a victim of circumstance.

Make a list of all the things you can control right now. Once the list is finished, take a few minutes and plan out how each one of those things will be accomplished and or impacted by your control on a daily basis.

Prioritize those things that are most important to you and dedicate specific time to them with positive steps and actions. 

Now you have a PLAN! You have a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers process to achieve your goals.

A huge bonus to taking full control of the things that you can control is a happier and more satisfying life.¬† You’ll find, as I have, that those things that you can’t control don’t bother you as much and they fade away.¬† Focus on the positive and the negative isn’t as noticeable.¬† It’s a win-win for your attitude and even a bigger win-win for your health!

The damage that is done to your body by stress that unnecessary worry and uncontrollable worry creates shorten your life and deteriorate the quality of your life!

Take control of your life and your happiness!

Don’t just take my word for it, watch this…



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  1. That is the best commercial !! Too funny! I too am a worrier and very good at it!! When those things get to me I come to Bootcamp !! Always feel better after that!!

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