Cut the Waist

I remember watching an interview with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford when he was running for office and thinking to myself, “He’s going to explode!”

His face was flushed, he was sweating and he was breathing very heavy.  For those of you who don’t know him, he had called himself 300 pounds of fun.  I thought to myself the first time I heard that, 350 maybe.

On Monday, Mayor Ford and his brother Doug kicked off a weight loss program and a very special challenge.  “Cut The Waist Toronto”.  This cut has nothing to do with the budget, over spending or the gravy train.  It has to do with challenging themselves, the Ford Brothers and Toronto, to lose weight and promote a healthier lifestyle.

The Mayor weighed in at 330 pounds and his Councillor brother tipped the Toledo at 275 pounds.  Between them, they account for more than a quarter tonne of fun!  Not to mention several thousands of dollars of future medical expenses.

What was even better about the announcement was that the Mayor during the press conference issued a challenge to all of Canada by throwing down the gauntlet and saying Toronto would lose more weight than anywhere else!

Congratulations to Mayor and Councilor Ford for your commitment.

Besides the fact they have committed to losing weight, I applaud them for how they are intending to do it:

  • They set their goals
  • They put a date on that goals
  • They have a support buddy
  • They announced their plans public
  • They have established accountability to their goals

All Carrie approved.

Both men have indicated that healthy eating and increased physical activity are in their plans.  Did you hear that?

Healthy eating

Physical Activity

No fad diets.  No gimmicky programs.  No diet centres.  No surgery, potions pills or lotions.

They are right in issuing the challenge to get Toronto healthy and to encourage everyone, everywhere else to do the same.  Obesity is an epidemic.  It is costing this country millions of dollars in related medical expenses.  It is shortening the lives of people in an age when we can live longer, healthier and more vibrant than ever before!

Diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, chronic pain and many other problems are preventable and treatable through proper diet and exercise.

But here is my caution…remember losing the weight is one challenge.   Keeping it off is a completely different challenge.  You need to educate yourself through the process to learn how to keep weight off.  You need to understand how and why you gained the weight in the first place.

I can’t wait to find out who will be the biggest loser. (No pun intended).

I wonder if we can get them to come out to Georgetown to get their butts kicked by Boot Camp?






  1. I commend anyone who puts themself on a scale to be weighed publicly. That certainly takes guts ~ following through on that committment is a great challenge. Good luck to both of them. I think setting realistic golas that are attainable is the 1st step. I have short, middle and long term goals that I set and re-establish.
    My 1st goals (Sept.) at bootcamp were to run the entire block (outdoors) I remember how proud I was to achieve this, it was little enough that I could have success. Others have been to eat perfectly for 1 whole day. Take one day at a time and be proud of yourself for coming to bootcamp!!

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