Day 2 – Race 2 – Minnie’s Inaugural 10k


Day 2 of 4….3am the alarm goes off along with the wake up call.  3am is just not cute #endofstory.

3am wake up call? Alarm? What? Why? Oh yeah, We need to be in the lobby to get on the bus for 3:45am.
For those of you who have not run a Disney race let me tell you that everything, and I mean everything is organized like clockwork right down to the last tiny detail.  I know at first glance most of us look at a race day and think of transportation to the race site, bag check, run, finish, pick-up your bag, transportation back to your resort.  We worry about these things and hope individually that we don’t forget anything and it all goes off without a hitch.  It might even seem a little overwhelming to us, but it’s not. Now think about that being done for thousands of people. How does it all happen so seamlessly? Dedicated race staff and a small army of volunteers. The volunteers know their stuff and if you have questions, you can always find someone to help!
The buses taking both runners and fans (supporters) run frequently and do so always allowing you enough time to get you to the start line. You check your bag in near the start according to your last name and race bib number and then claim it as soon as you are done. Like magic, your bag went from the start line to the finish line. Ok, it’s not really magic…it never moves, but it doesn’t get lost, stolen or damaged. Easy peasy!
Minnie’s Inaugural 10k. A new runDisney race, a brand new course, a great distance for beginners and for experienced runners = exciting.
After the 5k where we did the fun “picture thing” I thought for sure I would be running for the gold in this race.
3-2-1, the fireworks lit up the pre-dawn sky and we were off! I hit the start button on my running watch and I was ready to PR (personal record) Minnie! Uh oh, I see a line and without missing a beat @bamagirlruns had me in the line. “Girl, we have to stop and get our pic with Captain Hook and Mr.Smee.”
DSCN0728 (1)
 Well, I hadn’t seen Peter Pan’s nemesis and his right hook man before on a run so,  OK, one picture then we are run.ning. But, I was making a stand, drawing a line in the sand and I told “Bama ( and everyone around us ), “This is it…yesterday was pictures, today is running.” Then some very wise words in a wonderful southern belle drawl came from @iplandisney while we were waiting in line, “Girl, you’re not going to win this race, so have fun.”
Reality check…with some southern Jedi mind tricks. Have fun, enjoy the moment, “Take time smell the roses.” or in this case, “Pose for pictures.” And pose we did!!!
I had so much fun during the 5k, talking to fellow runners, taking blurry ‘selfies’, stopping for characters, why not do it again. This was a whole new experience for me.
I loved the new 10k course!!
  • Start and finish in the Epcot Parking Lot
  • around some the of the connector roads near Epcot
  • into Epcot around World Showcase
  • then out to the Boardwalk
  • Past the Boardwalk, Beach and Yacht Club Resorts
  • Back into Epcot, through Future World
  • to the Finish Line!
Like all runDisney race events, there was entertainment, sights, characters, lots of volunteers and the ChEAR Squad making every mile magic and pass with ease.
We had a few more memorable moments during our 10K run, but one of my favs was while waiting to capture the moment with Football Goofy on the Boardwalk, I saw my bootcamper/pal/fellow Dopey Challenge runner @angelastiles1
She was running like a champ but stopped for a pic!
DSCN0739 (1)
Post race bling.
minnie medal
 Race Retreat – I will post more about this, because it was a whole lotta awesome! #RaceRetreatFanGirl
This is where I was lucky enough to get a pic with the best laugh team from Monsters Inc. I’m the other/other small one beside Sully 🙂
The bus area was just a short walk from the Race Retreat tent. I hopped on my bus and back to the resort to shower up.
Thanks Minnie for such a great race!
DSCN0741 (1)
Post Race Pro Tip and a little TMI:
I wore a cute & comfy Nike running skirt. I also wore pink underwear -(this is the TMI part) The skirt is a spandex/lycra blend and you could not see my underwear but the sweat and humidity did this to my skirt .
Like I said, waking up at 3am, some of my decisions were not sound. Learn from my lesson.



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