Determination, Dedication, Desire and Disney

Last week I got to experience the thrill of going to Florida to enjoy one of my passions…running.  Yes, I know, running for some people is a four letter word, but to me it’s relaxing, mind clearing and great for your body in so many ways.

Sure, Florida seems like a long way to go for a run, but this wasn’t your normal running adventure.  I went to Walt Disney World to take part in the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  That’s right, 13.1 miles or 21 kilometres of pure fun and excitement!

Sounds kind of funny to describe running the equivalent of the length of Manhattan Island as fun and exciting, but we are talking the magic of Disney and the experience of runDisney.

This is not the first time I have ventured to WDW to take part in a runDisney event and I can say each time has been better than the one before.  Even with a rough start to this weekend, I had a great time!

Did I mention I dropped  vacuum on my foot a few days before leaving? Yup, two broken toes and I was planning in running a half marathon.  I went to see my Chiropractor for a little TLC who suggested that my plantar fasciitis was really bad and I shouldn’t be running around the block, let alone around WDW.

Friday afternoon I went to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for the fan expo and to register.  The set-up is great.  Product demo’s, training, seminars and experts at every turn to help everyone from the novice to the advanced runners, the weekend warriors to the hard-core roadrunners.

As I was leaving the expo, I started to feel a little queasy…which was quickly replaced by really queasy followed full blown, from the toes puking!  Yay, only 12 hours to go and I was worshiping at the porcelain altar.

By 7pm on Saturday night, I was on my way back to ESPN to line up for the 10pm start.  A little weaker, a little lighter, a little sore and a lot excited!

You see, there really is a magic feeling I get when I run.  It’s hard to explain, but I think back to when I was well over 200 pounds and I couldn’t run more than a few feet.  I couldn’t have dreamed of being able to run half a marathon.  I was a prisoner to my weight and my lack of health and fitness.  It seems like a lifetime ago but a day doesn’t go by when I don’t relish the joy and freedom that I have not being tied down by obesity.

So you can understand that not much would stop me from running…not broken toes, sore feet or food poisoning.

And Disney and runDisney put on a great show.  When you think you are a little tired, you see the Tree of Life.  When you’re legs are heavy, you see the Tower of Terror where gravity seems to disappear for a little while.  When your lungs are burning, you see the place where the magic of Fantasmic takes place.  Every step, there are voluntEARS clapping and shouting support and along the route your favourite Disney Characters are cheering you on.  Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and of course Mickey!

The finish line was just outside Epcot and the cooling off walkway was into the park where I saw the best characters waiting for me…the 3 Bs and big Daddy!

How could I run with the triple play of toes, feet and vomit?  Determination, desire, dedication and Disney.

  • Determination to achieve a goal
  • Desire to finish what I started
  • Dedication to a lifestyle of health and fitness

Disney…there really is magic there.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give big congrats to some very special people:

To my fellow boot campers, Janice and Nikki and to my fellow WDW Moms Panelist, Mo. Congratulations for doing what you put your minds to.  I’m so proud of you!!




  1. Congratulations! I suspected you’d be running this race and meant to look for you. Are you running in January? I’d love to meet you.

  2. You explain things so well – No excuses, just a desire to finish what you started. I have suffered through plantar fasciitis and how you could run blows my mind away. Mine was so bad I couldn’t walk . Man you are one tough, amazing woman!!! You must have felt so proud whrn you crossed the finish line and ended up in the arms of your family. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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