Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that is completely control-able and can be reversed to "pre-diabetes" levels 

Diabetes Diet Help

There are so many problems with the way that Diabetes is being handled by the medical profession. Let me explain.

The other day, “Michelle” reached out to me and asked for some advice about a diet plan. We booked a time to talk in detail so we could see what she needed.

As we started talking, I could hear fear and uncertainty in her voice. She was stumbling to find the words to describe what was wrong. Then it came out…a dreaded word that too many adults are now hearing from their doctor, “Diabetes.”

She had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was now in the process of finding out more about it. Hoping to find solutions to the problem she immediately faced. What can she do to fix it?

Naturally she was given all of the best resources to look into. The American Diabetes Association and The Mayo Clinic. As her doctor also told her, “Google it to see what you think would work best for you.  There are lots of resources available.”

Before leaving the clinic, she was handed samples of medication and a prescription. (Thank fully she decided to look more into it before jumping on the medication band wagon).**

A friend of hers suggested she reach out to me…(that’s a great friend)!

I have no problem with the resources that are available and the education you can get from them. They are fantastic for learning about your “new disease”. I have a problem with some of the recommendations they have for treating diabetes, specifically, Type 2.

Diabetes is a wicked disease that accounts for more death than Breast Cancer and AIDS combined*.

Back to “Michelle.”

She was told that she didn’t need insulin injections at this time and that they could try to fix it with diet and a mild prescription medication. Failing that would be a stronger oral medication and if needed, injections. Michelle was told she would more than likely live the rest of her life with diabetes and to, “…get used to it.”

She told me about a diet plan she downloaded off a popular site. I know the site. It is a site dedicated to living with diabetes. It’s complete with ads from big pharma, speciality dietetic food companies, injectable providers and diabetes supplies.

This is NOT a prevention site by any means…it is a site designed to keep you living with diabetes and to sell products…not solve problems.

While the medical world will never say diabetes is a curable disease, there is lots of evidence to show that people can reverse their levels to “non diabetes levels” and be classified as “pre-diabetes”.

The earlier you’re diagnosed and the faster you react by changing your lifestyle, the more success you’ll have returning to “pre-diabetes” levels.

The longer your pancreas is taxed into making more insulin and the longer you go on the roller coaster of spike and crash, the harder it will be it reverse the damage, but it can be done!

Michelle now has a plan in place to help her and I am 100% positive that in a month from now she will see some impressive changes.

3 Things You Must Do NOW

Michelle has a plan designed for her specifically, but here are three things that are included in her plan that must be at the core of every person that has Type 2 Diabetes.

1) DIET – This is the MOST important factor to create change and the one way that people are often tricked into a lifelong diabetes struggle.You MUST eliminate sugar from your diet. That means the white stuff, the breads, the grains, the honey, the agave, the ALCOHOL.

Saying it’s “OK in moderation.” is a plan that will keep you fixed where you are.

2) BODY MASS – Your weight will play a factor, in some cases a major factor. You need to reduce fat stores and increase lean muscle.

3) SLEEP – I know, I know…that’s everyone’s answer to being healthier, “Get more sleep.” YES…that’s because when you sleep, you repair, when you repair, you heal, when you heal, you improve your health.

Insulin resistance is a HUGE problem facing North America and the “Western Diet” right now. So many people are walking around having no idea that they are Insulin Resistant or, the other group, people who are Insulin Sensitive.

Why does it seem all of a sudden that we are hearing more and more about these problems? Simple…the food we eat. Or more precisely, the food that the government has recommended for the last forty years. Not to mention the processing that has made our food “more convenient”.

Simple thought to put this in perspective.

Diabetes, insulin resistance, insulin sensitivity are all issues relating to how your body processes sugar. Why then would all of these “expert sources” recommend foods like fruit (sugar), whole grains (sugar) and therapies like medications as first lines of defence?

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Next Steps

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or told you are “pre-diabetic”, give me a call to see if there is more that can be done to help you out. Just click here to schedule a time to talk. Don’t worry, it’s free. Click Here For Your Best Time To Talk (Choose the free option)


*Diabetes Myths http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/myths/

**I don’t ever recommend ignoring doctor’s orders, but a second opinion is always a great idea. If you’re not ordered to take medication to save your life then a day of research will do you some good





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