Diet fads are pure fantasy

World Cup soccer has fans going crazy cheering for their favourite teams and their home countries.  Look at the four remaining and what they bring “to the table”.

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
They all have great food!! Food that is rich and creamy, full of fat and oils, breaded, fried, breads…OMG.  Why aren’t all those soccer players fat and over-weight? Oh, I know…EXERCISE!!  I was watching the news and saw one of the teams fans celebrating their latest win.  The difference between the fans and the players…EXERCISE.

Now, it’s only Tuesday but I have heard of 2 new diets already this week.  Yes two!

One was the Nordic diet and the other was the Swedish diet.  Both have some valid points, but don’t they all?  I think its funny how self-proclaimed experts are creating these international diets.

First, everyone was crazy for the French diet and how French woman don’t get fat…..ummm, yes they do–obesity crosses all international borders.

Then the Mediterranean diet came into popularity….Japanese diet, everyone started guzzling green tea.  I actually laugh out loud when I see these books come out and the author totes it as “secrets”.

There is no mystery as to why populations are overweight just as it is no mystery on how to fix it.  Following a diet that is specific to geographic lines on a map is just silly.

Now…I might actually follow the Swedish diet if it would make me taller and blonder.

It is the foods we eat, how much we eat and how much we move that makes the difference in our waist line…not our proximity to the international date line!  Tadaaaaa!

Maybe I should be starting something here.  I’ve got it, I am starting the Canadian Diet or the Can-eh-dian diet (oohh that was clever) …
– you must eat pea meal bacon once a day and all of the foods you eat need to be red or white to make it authentically Canadian and have maple syrup poured over it.

The Can-eh-dian Diet

Then I will pay some Canadian celebrity an obscene amount of money to say that they tried it and it works.  I will put a little tiny disclaimer at the bottom of all the advertising that says, “Results may vary”.  Sounds kind of familiar, like every other fad diet out there.  You see how these crap diets work?  There’s a formula to them making money, not success for you.

Now I have been called a few things over the years, but I’m adding “fitness magician” to my bio.  There is some special magic in eating real food, in the right portions and exercising.  Or maybe I should be the “fitness detective“.  I’ve solved the mystery of being overweight….shazam!

“Let’s find out if that’s a jelly filled shall we?”

Let’s keep it real people.   If you are struggling with your weight, you know why.
If you would like to add some international cuisine to your diet, then have at it!
But I beg of you to stop falling prey to these marketing scams otherwise known as diet books.

Any “new” diet fad is nothing more than a fantasy.  It is all the same old stuff that doesn’t work, with new packaging, a new celebrity endorsement and a new marketing angle to make you think this is the next greatest thing.

Here is the next greatest thing.  Eat for proper nutrition and get moving.



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