Do you have a fitness bucket list?

Today’s blog post is all about your bucket list. I have written about goals, goal setting, to do lists, objectives, etc.  So, naturally, we should talk about a bucket list.

There is something emotional about having a bucket list.

Most people wont spend the time to sit down and write out their goals but they will put together a bucket list…they are very similar thing.  A goal is something you are striving to accomplish with a set time frame and measurable increments to judge your progress.  The bucket list is something you want to accomplish, before you die.

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do, places you want to go, people to meet…before you kick the bucket.

So many people pay lip service about “putting things on their bucket list.” But I always wonder if they have taken the time to write it down and visualize it.

Why is it so difficult to have goals…something to actually work towards??

Well I think you should have a few bucket lists….(here comes the fitness segway).  A couple or more bucket lists is a great idea.  Of course, I am going to talk about making your fitness bucket list.

This can be as intense as you want, as rewarding as you want or as simple as you want.

Here are a few to get your started:

  • learn to swim / or swim at a certain destination or a certain distance
  • take dance lessons
  • run a marathon or half marathon
  • do a one handed pushup
  • do 20 burpees
  • learn to rollerblade or ice skate
  • go hiking
  • try rock climbing
  • lose the weight and finally see your abs

The list is endless….its your list…build it and work your way through it. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you actually try, and not just talk about it.

Those things that you say “oh, I could never do that” are not allowed!  You have to , “Heck yes I can!!”  You just actually have to put effort in and TRY.

Do you want to live a life of what ifs or regrets or do you want to look back on your days with a, “Hell yes I did that!!!

“We do not remember the days, we remember the moments”

Life is meant to be lived. When you look back on your life will you say “oh, I wish I would’ve stayed at work longer” NO…you will say I wish I would’ve …

So stop wishing and start doing. Live with purpose.  Try new things, get experiences, have stories to tell your grandkids—stop being vanilla.

You are capable of so much, so stop living with limits.  Not to be cliché but live in color, live out loud, make some crazy memories. Try new things.  Love with all of your heart and stop holding back.

Now take 5 minutes and write out your list!!!


So true!

Make your own!

Oh yes!

Gonna fly now

Almost there!




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