Don’t let busy be your excuse…make it your reason

Busy….we’re all busy.  Yes, some people are more busy than others.  I know how trying it is to balance your family with work and maintain your health.

I really think it has a lot to do with your perspective. I have written about this so many times, but your health has to be a priority.  Trust me, I know Mommy guilt, but how guilty will you feel when you can’t go for a bike ride or you can play tag or when you can’t go to a game because you can’t get up the bleacher stairs because your health has set limitations on you in every way imaginable?
I stress this because I know.  You have to schedule, (budget, assign whatever word works best for you) time to take care of your health.  To be clear, by taking care of your health means you have to be physically active.  By saying that you eat pretty healthy and that you are always running around–does not mean you are active nor does it mean you are healthy!
I like being fit.  I hated being fat (yes, I said the “f” word…simmer down). I like knowing that I can carry 10 bags of groceries or I can haul a wheel barrel full of dirt or I can do 100 push ups.  Being able to run up stairs to get something and not be winded is flippin’ fantastic!  Or to not have pain in my back and knees because the excess fat I used to carry was crushing my bones; is flippin’ fantastic.
Let me introduce you to a busy lady.  I don’t think many people would trade their current busy schedule for hers.  Shelly is a real estate agent in Georgetown(Halton/Orangeville) she has no set schedule.  She doesn’t show up to work every morning at a set time and she doesn’t finish at a set time.  She is on the schedule of others.  She could be doing an offer sign back at mid-night and then have a showing at 8am the next day. She also has to manage the schedule of her two active girls and her husband.  So she is busy.  She eats at odd hours, she is on the road a lot, BUT she has put her health as a priority….and it shows!
In the last year, Shelly has gotten serious about her health.  She has made the time to come to boot camp-she has followed the boot camp meal plans and she is not just settling.
Shelly has dropped from a size 16 to now a size 7/8—Woooo hoooooo!!!
Weight loss success tips from Shelly:
-be prepared…have the “right” food in the house so you can make healthy meals/snacks
-start the day with a healthy breakfast
-have boot camp protein shakes handy, so you don’t go to the drive thru
-pack lunch and snacks -so that you are never looking for food
-make fitness a priority
-being with the boot camp group-motivates you to stay on track-you have friends that encourage and support you

Shelly ran a half marathon last year and is planning on another one this year.  Shelly could come up with excuses why she can’t come to boot camp or why she can’t eat healthy…but she has shown and proved that you can do it, despite the circumstances.
Shelly is one of our original boot campers and I have seen such a transition in her, not only physically(because she looks fantastic) but in her confidence as well.  When you look good and know you look good, you feel good!!! I am so proud and honoured to be a part of your journey Shelly!!!
Excuses, crazy schedules, or other “reasons” ….I say you can do it if you really want it.
So, do you want to look and feel better??  Don’t let busy be your excuse…make it your reason! Busy people make things happen. Busy people accomplish more.




  1. Such an inspiring journey, congratulations Shelly! SUCCESS is proof of a commitment you have made to yourself. It is your choice to make it happen every time you wake up in the morning. Knowing what your weaknesses are and being prepared is great advice! Thank you for sharing!!

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