Don’t quit on your kids health!

Does it start in childhood…giving up, not trying, quitting? and does this lead to our adult behaviors??

When did we become so wishy-washy?  When did we let the children rule the roost….the tail wagging the dog?

Childhood obesity is a topic near and dear to my heart because I lived it. When I see overweight kids and hear their parents blame outside factors, it gets me seeing red.

A book came out in the spring called Bringing Up Bebe. A story of an American family who moved to France and the essence of the book is that there are less overweight kids in France because they eat better.

The book touches on parenting. The writer says that French parents don’t give in to buying chicken nuggets or fishy crackers because that is all the child will eat. Families eat real food that is prepared not handed out of a window to you in your car via a paper bag.

Children are given the same meal as the parents and that is that. There’s no ‘restaurant approach’.  1 meal, 1 choice.   The author also highlights that vegetables are served as the first part of the meal to ensure that everyone eats their vegetables. This is not a new trend in France. This is the way it has been happening for years. This is how these French parents were raised and are raising their kids the same way.

Now, I know a lot of you are saying, oh but they eat all of that butter, cream and other decadent foods….perhaps.  These kids have clean palates, they experience and know what real food tastes like. Whereas, over here these kids are raised on rainbow fishy crackers, processed mystery meat, and sugar.  Their palates are coated in chemicals, they have no idea what real food tastes like.  The kids in France don’t tote around bags of over processed crackers or bags of gummy snacks or endless amounts of juice out of a box that really isn’t juice.

*Spoiler Alert.  Real food, unprocessed food is filling and satisfying.  TAAA-DAAA!!! Shocker, I know, actually, you know it too! When you eat a real meal that isn’t full of chemicals or additives you rave about what a great meal it was.

Here’s my question after looking into this book…are kids of today and kids of tomorrow being raised to be quitters?

Here is a very typical dialogue that goes on each and everyday:
Mom: Eat your broccoli
Kid: No, I don’t like it, I only like chicken nuggets.
Mom: OK, I will make you some chicken nuggets.

Both are quitters.  The major difference is the child doesn’t know any better and the Mom doesn’t want her poor little manipulative angel to starve.

We-parents/caregivers are teaching our kids to give up and to not try.  You can’t blame it on society.  These life lessons are learned at home.

When did we give up the ability to TRY?

I have blogged about this before and I will ask again, do you think your kids will magically start eating broccoli when they are 25?  Heck no! Why would they?

Well, they might when they wake up with diabetes or are 100lbs overweight and SURPRISE you as their parent had a role to play in that. So you think you have ‘Mom guilt’ now for taking an hour to exercise, think how you will feel when your child is overweight as a youngster and is STILL overweight and sickly as an adult and you know that you played a role in that!

I think we have become a society of quitters – ouch, that was a strong one!

I see it each and everyday.  People come to me for personal training or come to boot camp and THEY QUIT because it is tough.  Getting fat and out of shape is super easy.

Eat crap + sit on the couch + watch mind numbing shows = fat!

Squats, lunges, push ups require effort and it takes more effort if you are carrying extra weight and so many people quit.  Everyone wants easy but easy is lazy. I can say all of this because I have lived it and I know.

It’s time to toughen up.

Toughen up as a parent – toughen up as a person and be healthy already.



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  1. We were in Italy 4 summers ago and ate pasta at every lunch. We ate a ton of vegetables, healthy lean meats and fruit. We lost weight!! There were no cookies, cakes or junk food around.(We stayed with relatives) People assume that “real” food is fattening. I see many children fill up on fishy crackers, bear paws, granola bars and not touch a fruit or vegetable in a day because no one bothered to cut them up. My own teenagers are lazy which is why I take the time to cut up everything and have it ready. Grocery stores sell cut vegetables and fruit, salads come washed. All you have to do is rip open the package and eat!! When my girls were little they knew I meant what I said, and they learned very quickly that their Aunt’s threats were empty promises. You’re not on earth to be your child’s friend, but their parent- their protector. Protect them from a future of diabetes, heart disease and countless other health problems.

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