Don’t read this on an empty stomach

To lose body fat, you have to create a calorie deficit. Such are the laws of thermodynamics and energy balance. However, there’s more than one way to create a calorie deficit. One way is to decrease your calorie intake from food; (Ahem…not the Carrie way). The other is to increase the amount of calories you burn though exercise.

Burning the calories is the most effective method of the two.  This is because large calorie deficits cause muscle loss and trigger the starvation response. They slash their calories to starvation levels and exercise too little or not at all. This causes a decrease in lean body mass, sparks the starvation mechanism and creates the foundation for yo-yo dieting.

The most effective approach to fat loss is to eat more; Heck ya I said eat more!! (keep the calorie reduction small) and let the exercise burn the fat. (Insert Fitness Boot Camp here).  You don’t starve yourself – you just have to choose the right foods and make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

It makes more sense to me to eat and move my body than to starve myself and…what?  Starve myself…uhm, no. I eat, I exercise and I keep the weight and fat off.

This is Boot Camp Math:

Resistance Training + Sensible Cardio + Proper Nutrition = Fat Loss

No need to church it up anymore than that…it really is kind of simple.

Boot camp is the perfect combination of exercises in the right progression.



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  1. Woo hoo!! Eat up!! I have to say – I never knew what it felt like to have energy until I joined boot camp with you. I eat all the time and have a ton of fun at boot camp – what could be better than that?!


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