Don’t you dare…

Excuses…we all have them and most of the time we can justify them to ourselves.  Excuses are how we justify not doing things.  Most people run into trouble when they try to use excuses to avoid tasks, challenges or change.

Here is a video that will slap any excuses you might have right out of your head.

Where you are now and where you want to be with your health and fitness is totally within your control.

Don’t you dare complain if you aren’t going to do something to change it! The reality is that you have to make the decision and dedicate yourself to the changes you want for yourself.

If you want to be fit, if you want to be healthier than you are or you want to be a certain size, you have to do something to get there.

  • You have to move your body
  • You have to go beyond your comfort zone.
  • You have to STOP with the excuses.

I can introduce you to a number of people who have it much worse than you do.

  • I can show you people who are in pain but show up.
  • I can point out to you people who work 80+ hours a week and still show up
  • I can introduce you to people who have kids who have sports and activities and they manage to show up.

There will never be a perfect time.  If you decide that you want to try to wait for the perfect time, you will run out of time.

When are you going to show up for your health??

Think you have it bad?  You might want to re-think that!  There is always someone who has it worse.  There is always someone who has challenges that you and I can’t imagine living with.

Never underestimate what you can accomplish.

Never give up!  Never make excuses…they’re just like                   , everyone has one.




  1. Best video ever! These are the sort of people we should be looking up too as role models for ourselves and children when it comes to fitness and health. Guys like this deserve our admiration so much more than any of today’s sports “stars” or “heroes”. This guy showed real guts, determination and grit. I love when people prove the doctors wrong!

  2. I love the “Your mind will quit a thousand times…” quote. That is sooo true. That’s why I read your blog Carrie. Your daily dose of motivation and demand for no excuses is like vitamins for the mind, fortifying me to stay focused and not let the doubts, fatigue and/or excuses take over. Thank you!

  3. W O W ! . . . with tears in my eyes watching that video. I LOVED it and will watch it every day until I’ve reached my goals! I’m so grateful for the inspiration from you Carrie – Thank you. I’m all out of excuses (used them all up) and I know it is worth it to stand up to myself – I’m admitting it – I love how exercise makes me feel! I miss you guys at Boot Camp you show up and are an inspiration in each and every one of you ! See you soon !

    1. So glad you liked it Amy! We miss you and hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading the blog- I love the video because it shows that ANYTHING is possible!! Strong mind-strong body!!!

  4. The video says it all. We have nothing to complain about. We all complain and make excuses. Thanks for the reality check! Carrie, you do push us a little harder everyday and I know I am healthier and happier because of it!! A little sweat, a little pain. No big deal!!

  5. I also had tears in my eyes and thought WOW, this guy tuffed it out, stayed strong and let nothing sop him. He truly is a role model. This should be what’s on the tv, the movie theatres and the cover of magazines.

  6. It is a great feeling to do something no one thought you could do… Even yourself. One thing that gentleman and I have in common… Someone who said we could do it. He had his yoga instuctor – I had you Carrie!! Thank you for believing in all of us!!

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