Embracing my Type A tendencies #TypeAWDW

This past weekend the Type A Conference was held at Walt Disney World.  The main thrust of the conference is blogging, but like all conferences the magic was in meeting people, talking about our lives and sharing in helping to make everyone better at our chosen professions.

The conference was great on so levels. It fed my need for education and information.  It was held in an amazing venue at Walt Disney World’s Boradwalk Inn Conference Center.  You know everything is just better at Walt Disney World.  There is a special feeling created when you’re talking business and turn to say hi to Elsa and Anna from Frozen, you know like it’s just an everyday thing. Post session talks with new friends walking around the world in Epcot with friends; priceless.



For years I fought my type A tendencies but the last few years I have given my quirks a big ‘ol hug and this conference had a whole lot of Type A love going around.

There were so take away points from the weekend. It helped me learn how to put things in place and priority to help me be a better blogger and business owner. Tips and tricks from others who have gone before us and blazed the trail so to speak.  You expect that kind of solid information at an business conference though so as important as that is, you always look for that special something that gives you some extra drive.  Type A has it…

What really hit home with me is the value of relationships. We need good people in our lives. We need people to encourage us, support us. We need solid people in our lives that are there to lend an ear, tell us when we are being silly, to laugh with us when we make those silly mistakes. People who give us insight when we can’t see beyond our bubble. We need to surround ourselves with people who are not just like minded, but that are the type of people that are honest and goal oriented. The type of people you want your kids to be around and listening to.





I think we all at some point have had people in our lives that drain us. The “needy” ones, the ones we feel bad for and that’s why we put up with them. I’m here to say it’s ok and it’s time to cut them loose. They suck the energy out of you, cloud your thought and infringe on your ability to be positive and excel.

Let all the negative people have their giant woe is me pity parties.  You go out and, “Look out world, here we come” gala event!





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