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As you may know, I grew up overweight and I grew as an overweight teen.  Sports and team athletics were not a part of my childhood. I don’t have the memories of being on the winning team or giving my all. I’ve never heard a motivational pep talk by a coach or the captain.  I missed out on tournaments and the camaraderie of being part of the team.  I’m a reformed/wanna be athlete.

Health and fitness are now a big part of my life.  To be invited to a sports complex that encompasses every aspect of greatness, dedicated to the excellence of excellence in sport would be a dream for me as an adult that never got to experience it as a child is thrilling for me.

Last week I got that chance as I was invited to attend Disney’s Sports Festival to learn about the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Disney style.  If  you followed me on  Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, you already have had a sneak peak and you know to say that I was “geeked” out was an understatement.Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 1.08.04 PM

Over two short days myself and a few other invites learned so much.  I have been to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex many times picking up my runDinsey race bib or attending a cheer competition and because of my previous experience, I thought I knew my way around…boy was I wrong!
This event was a big deal to me.before
Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 1.46.50 PM
While we were there for our tour, I felt the energy and excitement from the athletes, spectators and parents. It’s hard not to get caught up in the emotion of being involved in sports.  When I saw the teams warming up…I wanted to jump right in with them…you know I totally would!!i wanted to warm up with them
We visited the New Balance Track and Field facility and I wanted to get out on the track and run with the athletes.  nb track and field complexThankfully I held it together.  Could you imagine, “Hey, lady.  Get off the track!”track pic athlete
The trainer/coach in me L-O-V-E-D that over 70 sports can be facilitated. 255 acres all dedicated to sports/athletics/training = amazing!  It is the best of the best. This is the ultimate sports complex. downloadfield of dreams
The Mom in me fell in love with the amenities available for the teams, athletes, parents, coaches. Are you a multi-tasker that has to meet deadlines?  This place was made for you. charging station Office Max has a center set up that offers charging stations for those parents that are on a “working” vacation and need to stay connected. Printers for coaches or Team Moms who need to print off rosters or documents for the team  and a make your own cheer card station are all available.
Need healthy food options?  OMG!! It’s available and it can be delivered to where your team is.  How fantastic is that?  I hear it all the time that one huge challenge to travelling sports teams is food.  Here there is no running around looking for it. It’s on site, available for delivery or sit down and enjoy.  foodBy the way, the concession areas aren’t your typical sports concession stand – there are healthy options as well. Woot woot!
10 concession stands, food trucks and The Grill can all cater to the needs of the athletes, coaches trainers, families and fans. Menus can be customized depending on what the athletes want.  Got special nutrition needs or food allergies? This is Disney folks.  Those are taken into consideration for your health and safety. Bagged breakfast and lunch can be delivered to athletes where they are and when it’s needed. Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 1.25.37 PM
Don’t be worried about the beautiful Florida sunshine zapping all your super stars energy between games.  There are plenty of indoor cool spots where they can chill out and relax, watch a Disney movie and rest.
As a parent/coach/trainer… the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is the BIG SHOW.  This is your Disney Sports Experience.  Above and beyond what you would expect. You get all of the Disney magic you have come to love in a sports setting.  It is truly amazing!Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 1.33.31 PM
Hey Coach.  Are you like me and believe that the mental part of the game is a big piece of the championship puzzle?  What a better way for your kids to get one step up on their league competition.  At the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex your athletes are treated like superstars and they get to touch, see, feel and experience the very same thing professional athletes get to do…how amazing is that??!!! They walk away from the fields a little taller with a professional swagger that their competition just can’t match.girl soccer disney
To add more to your ultimate sports experience you can get professional pictures of you and your team. Custom shirts and other commemorative items are also available to help ensure memories are magical–trust me, I missed out on them as a kid and what I would give to have a sports team photo or my name on a game shirt. custom photos
I would have loved to be able to have this kind of experience as a kid – exposure to a professional experience = priceless. customize your tee
If you are a coach or Team Mom-ager I really hope you consider getting your team and athletes over to the EPSN Sports Complex. Your athletes will have a competitive edge, great food, amazing facility use and memories that will last a lifetime. The experiences that your team can take back to your leagues and communities and future athletes is….
Stayed tuned for my next post.minnie eyes closed



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