Even Disney suffers the effects of bullying

Imagine if you will, a child is on the street running back and forth between moving cars.  He is jumping in front of cyclists, buses, cars and people just walking.  There, on the sidewalk is his mother; ignoring the obvious danger her son is putting himself in.  In fact, a driver stopped his car and told the mother that if she didn’t stop the boy, he was going to die.  The mother was incensed!  How dare this man tell her how to raise her child?  How dare this obvious “do-gooder” point out the shortcomings of her parenting abilities?

It went so far that the mother sued the man claiming that she embarrassed her and caused her to suffer depression.  There were other mothers that joined the lawsuit creating a class-action lawsuit against the man, claiming that no one has any right to try to protect any child from their parents.  A parent has a right to allow their own child to kill itself and no one can stop their bad parenting.

Seems completely impossible for this to happen doesn’t it.  This is political correctness run a muck.  This is ultimate in stupidity.  This is what is happening all around us.  No, not this exact situation, but this premise that we can’t tell the truth because we are so afraid of offending someone.  We can’t tell it like it is because some ‘expert’ has said little Johnny will suffer low self-esteem for the rest of his life.

Well, this week, I was floored when I read that my favourite place on earth had also fallen victim to political correctness.  The greatest company on earth gave into the outcry of a few at the cost of many.

Disney threw in the towel on a great program, “Habit Heroes”.  The attraction hadn’t even received full-blown release yet, and it has been closed. The program was a direct hit at child obesity using exercise, healthy choices and the always popular good versus bad as Will Power and Callie Stenics would have battled such evil beings as “The Snacker”, “The Glutton” and “Lead Bottom”.

"If you're smart, I'm broke. Don't educate yourself about fat loss."

So who complained? Weight loss surgeons and fat-acceptance groups! So, who has the most to lose by children learning proper nutrition, exercise and healthy choices…that’s right weight loss surgeons.   And if everyone learns how to be healthy and control their weight through exercise and nutrition, who will be left on the outside looking in? Fat-acceptance groups…what the hell are “fat-acceptance groups”?

Fat-acceptance?  I accepted that I was fat when I was a teenager.  I would look at myself in the mirror and make excuses about why I was the way I was.  I would lie to myself.  I would tell people around me I was happy and ok with myself.  The reason I did that was because who in the world wants to admit, they are happy being fat!!??  Hold on, I know…people who are too friggin’ lazy to do what it takes to lose weight.  People who are too lazy to make a real meal because its easier to go buy fast food and chips than it is to cook a meal and cut up veggies.

“The attraction is currently closed as we work to further refine the experience,” Kathleen Prihoda, Disney’s media relations manager, told Yahoo on Wednesday. “Our goal with Habit Heroes is to make sure it conveys a positive message about healthy lifestyles in a fun way.”

Well, in my humble opinion Kathleen, that is exactly what Disney had in it’s new Epcot exhibit.  So bring it back, unchanged and ready to teach with the truth.

Fat is expensive to all of us.  Fat is not healthy.  Fat impacts quality of life.  Offended by fat education?  Then move right past the exhibit, keep waddling right on over to find a funnel cake with ice-cream, syrup and sugar and all the finest fixins’.…they are incredible and will satisfy any binge needed.  No need to stop at any of those silly healthy restaurants that serve salads and vegetables.  Fresh produce…oh the horror if your children saw you doing something that was good for them.  In fact…why don’t you threaten to sue restaurants that have healthy choices because a skinny smiling child seated next to you and your “fat-acceptance” family could be disturbing to you and your precious “little” herd.

Was that harsh? You bet it was harsh but this crap has me fired up.  This is political crapness.  Where do I get to complain that my rights and feelings are being hurt?  Oh yeah, and I have the right to voice my opinion on this subject.  I’ve been on the obeses (not fat) OBESE side of the fence and NEVER would I tell skinny, healthy, fit people to conform to accepting fat.  I wanted to be able to conform to the world of healthy!!

Disney did it’s homework.  Disney had a solid partner on the program.  Disney doesn’t go into any thing without doing it’s due diligence, research and testing.  So what happened this time?

I just don’t get it! What’s next…a new Disney Princess to appease the massive?  I can see her now, Princess Porker in the Land of Lard.

On a side note…I’ve read lots articles all with polls on the subject.  I’ve cast my vote on everyone and guess what?  100% of the polls show that Disney has made a mistake and should put the exhibit back AS IS!

Here are lots of articles about the cancellation that was to have opened today!





Disney Closes Habit Heroes Exhibit Over Obesity Outrage








  1. Carrie, always entertaining… : )
    Great blog…
    Question do you think that Disney and a few funny cartoons will allow people to get it!…Do you think Disney will stop serving the kitchen sink ice cream? or the mini corn dogs and fries…? I agree they have more options for healthy eating then most places we go…

    Jenna is 10 (PWS) people around my life who have been with me for all 10 years STILL don’t get it!!!

    Love ya Linds
    We need to be role models, they should have an exhibit on what healthy people do! …LIke Super health Carrie! and Protein Powder Tim

    1. Hi Linds,
      I think that every bit of education/awareness helps. The show at Epcot was really informative and entertaining.
      Disney wont stop serving the Kitchen Sink,corn dogs or any other junk. I do give them credit for adding healthy options–including gluten and sugar free options.
      It is amazing that in today’s day and age of information/education that people still don’t get it.
      Kids learn what they live and we as parents are their role models first!
      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and for your comments!!!

  2. Fat acceptance??? Seriously!!! OMG we have gone off the rails of reality!
    I love your passion Carrie and although Disney might have pulled this program I hope you know that you are positively affecting lives everyday. We can’t always fight the big fight but the little ones count too!

  3. I agree with you Carrie. I saw the news on this and felt that disney was doing a good thing with this exhibit. I hope that this exhibit is supported by good food choices in their parks (ie, not tons of ice cream, fries, funnel cakes). I’ve never been to Disney so I don’t know what kind of food they serve. I hope it’s healthy otherwise it undermines the message at the exhitbit . I know that your mad, but look at the positive side of this story, you said that all the polls showed that the public felt it was wrong to close the exhibit. That means that people still have some common sense. Fat should never be accepted as the norm, especially for our children. Just remember it’s ok to be upset with the parents, they have a choice, their children don’t. Nothing makes me sadder than watching an overweight child follow a even bigger parent, you can see the sadness in their eyes. It’s not fair to them. Most of them are unwilling members of the “herd”.

  4. The people who shut this project down are the same people who sued Nestles because they saw a penis in a palmtree in an upside down can of Zoodles! Bunch of fat crazy mothers!

  5. Paleo Michelle- you’ve voiced so well what I feel. Disney didn’t end up with the happily ever after ending they wanted. They won’t be able to please everyone and those in the public who are offended,probably wouldn’t attend this attraction to begin with.

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