Failure is not an option!

“Failure is not an option.” – U.S. Navy Seals      (I have the shirt)

What if you lived by those words?  Could you live by those words?

What if you took that kind of oath to live by? “Failure is not an option!”

How would your life be different?

What standard would you set for yourself?

What would you commit to doing if you knew that failure was not an option on any level?

Here is one of the greatest secrets of all…

You must expect more from yourself than anyone else could ever expect of you. The higher your personal standards the greater your life will become.

Don’t ever settle for a life of mediocrity.  Don’t ever do something, “just good enough.”  Don’t ever be satisfied with just being average.

What would you say to your children if they came through the front door and shouted, “Mom , Dad…I’ve decided that I’m happy just getting by and being average.  I feel good just the way I am.”

Maybe it’s the Tiger Mom in me, but I would be saying, ”Oh no you’re not.  You’re going to work your butt off and do the best the can and don’t ever settle for less than that.”

I’m sure many people would have a similar reaction.  But many of those same people will also accept that kind of mentality for their own situations.

Take 100% responsibility for your success. Never accept just getting by for yourself.  Never accept average for yourself.  Never choose to settle when you can succeed with all your desires and goals.

Did you know that women who exercise regularly have a 20% less chance of developing breast cancer, a 30% less chance of suffering from heart disease, and a whopping 50% less chance of developing diabetes.

Men, this one is for you…50 percent of male deaths are due to chronic disease caused by a lack of physical exercise?

If you ask me, those are some compelling reasons to be more active, be more committed and a little more demanding of yourself.

So, tell me what you would do differently to achieve your goals?  What are the reasons (aka excuses) that keep you from giving it your all? Let me know.




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