Fast Food and Fat Loss

I bet a lot of you decided to open this because of the title.

Oh yeah, I can hear you now, “Finally, Carrie has come to her senses and is going to say that it is ok to eat fast food.” Hahaha no way!

I want to give you yet another wake up call about the “food” or should I say “faux food”.

As many boot campers know, I always ask, “What did you eat today?” There are always a few that give me the look of shame and say, “Oh, today was not a good day.”

The ‘reason’ *cough* excuse is usually one of the following:

  • I was soooo busy, I had to grab something fast
  • I forgot to pack my lunch
  • We had nothing in the house so I had to eat out

Let me give a reality check about your beloved fast food and I’ll pick on the ever popular, here for a limited time only, back by popular demand, “The McRib is back.”  I use this because I haven’t seen it as available in Canada, not that I’m looking, but this shouldn’t give anyone the urge to go out and get one at their nearest Rotten Ronnies.

Ever wonder what the McRib is actually made of?  It’s claim is that it’s made of 100% pork and there is no doubt in that! 100% of the pig including the parts that you won’t find on the butcher’s shelf, or floor, or garbage.  Quality places won’t ‘stomach’ what goes into processed food and I don’t have the ‘heart’ to tell you.

Does it not worry you that it does not actually resemble pork ribs. The bone like look is pressed and sculpted “meat”.  Oh yeah, are you still lovin’ it???

The bun contains 34 additional hard-to-pronounce ingredients and chemicals, including ammonium sulfate and polysorbate 80. And don’t forget azodicarbonamide, a bleaching agent that dyes the flour, and is also used in the production of  mats and shoe soles. Yummy! It’s a bun…not a science project. Ever made home-made buns…5 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce!

Let’s now add to this concoction.  It has nearly 1000mg of sodium (about 3/4 of the daily recommended total), high fructose corn syrup, artificial colours and flavours. Why in the world does any food require artificial flavour?  Oh, never mind, I know…because if it wasn’t used you couldn’t stand the taste of it.

This mystery meat sandwich comes in at 500 calories, 26 grams of fat and 11 grams of sugar.

This is just to give you a glimpse what is in your fast food.  Think about your body or your children’s body trying to process all of these chemicals and crap.

Quick and easy is dangerous and reckless.  You have choices; choose wisely.  You would NEVER eat this stuff if you actually saw or realized how this “food” was made so stop it.

Its gross and you know it.  I don’t want to be a fear monger but you are filling your body and your kids with poison.  Re-read what’s in the bun.  Do you really want to eat what you can’t stomach, pronounce or make??  You wouldn’t feed that stuff to your dog, but you are willingly and blindly eating this stuff.

Ba-da-ba-ba ba–I’m not lovin’ it and neither should you!!!

Fast food and fat loss? FAT CHANCE




  1. I am proud to say that I haven’t eaten in a McDonalds for a long time – though I do stop by ~ to use their washrooms due to my water consuption. I do recall that when I have eaten there I feel sick after wards and not to be gross, but crap that goes in is crap that comes out. I am proud of my 2 teenagers who attend high school just steps away from McD, because maybe they visit that place once a year. Can’t wait for Project Zero !!

  2. Hi this Jerry and wanted to just say this post is genuinely good. In my quest to loose belly fat I searched for tons of inforamation to help me, this is one gem that will help.

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