Find your why and you’ll find your reason.

Yesterday was a big day, the 2014 Boston Marathon. Be a Unicorn

After last year’s bombing  this was the year to show and prove that nothing will keep runners or the city of Boston down, #BostonStrong #RunStrong. Last year I wrote about how it felt like my family was attacked for no reason.

There were a lot of hero’s on the course yesterday. Anyone that can qualify for Boston is a running hero in my eyes! Anyone that commits to their goal (weight loss, running, being healthy) and follows through on it, is a hero in my eyes.

Linda Ambard was one of those who crossed the finish line yesterday. Linda ran Boston last year and was at Mile 26 when the bombs went off. Linda’s story is real. Watch this video to hear what makes Linda so amazing, what she has overcome and why she is a hero; representing a HERO.  Have the tissue ready!!

Linda ran yesterday because she was not going to let terrorism, domestic or otherwise, or anything else take away what’s important to her.

Linda is a hero.

We all have a story. We can’t give up because things are turned upside down. We can’t always control what happens in our lives and around us but we can control HOW WE RESPOND TO OUR CHALLENGES.

Find your why and you’ll find your reason.Boston Marathon Boston Strong




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