Fit haters double standard?!

I ‘ve touched on this issue over the course of a few blog posts but now is the time to call it out.

I have talked about this with many of you, my awesome clients and boot campers…the fact that there is a double standard in the health and fitness world.
This is for those of you who have lost weight and have committed to making it out to boot camp (or whatever your fitness activity of choice) 3 or more times a week, for those of you that have followed the boot camp nutrition plan or whatever healthy eating guide and have lost weight have all encountered the haters.
You know there are poeple who say that you are obsessed with working out or say you have become strict with your food, when they are actually the ones who are policing your food and what you eat.
Think of the people who say you have lost enough weight or that you are starting to look sick or the ones that have a laundry list of things to sway you off track.
Why is it socially acceptable for people to comment on how fit people live but heaven for bid we call out the non healthy people?
What kind of hell on earth would be released if you said to someone,”do you really need to eat that cookie” or “wow, you are so fat, are you just going to keep getting fatter?”
I think people who sit in front of the tv for 3-5 hours a night watching tv are obsessed and their minds are going to mush.
Why is it ok for those fit haters to say something but you could potentially be slapped or unfriended if you question someone overweight??
Why is it socially acceptable to be rude to healthy people? How dare we question someone who is overweight but they can question us about taking care of our health… holy double standard.
I know that it boils down to a jealousy issue. For those of us who want to be fit and healthy we commit to that lifestyle which at times can be hard.
ANYONE can sit in front of the tv or come up with excuses as to why they can’t.
Could you imagine if you question your co-worker about watching 3hrs of tv a night?  “Who do you think you are” 3hrs is average. That’s awful and scary, but for some reason they can’t carve out an hour a day or pry themselves away from the TV to improve their health because they just possibly can’t miss their favourite show…really???
Priorities.  Easy is easy…..effort is AWESOME!!
I would love to say to someone who questions me and my health and fitness habits about how they are using tax dollars and draining our healthcare system.It is no badge of honour that you are on 5 kinds of meds for obesity related disorders.
Next time someone questions you and your commitment to your health tell them what they need to hear….reverse the double standard.
Political correctness or political niceness has gone overboard. I know that I am healthy and I am teaching my kids healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle and that my needs are just as important.
I know all of you sports parents have 101 excuses why you can’t miss a practice but you are the same people hitting the drive thru and feeding your kids fast food on their way to their “healthy” activities. WHAT…hello double standard?????   Geesh….simmering down, that is a separate post.
Be healthy – be fit and be proud of it-you worked hard, wear it with pride….not only wear the pride you can also rock the skinny jeans…not many can, but you can because you worked for it!
Here is some strength in pictures for you.




  1. I have dealt with this most of my life. I am proud of my healthy lifestyle but it seems as though I’m not allowed to talk about it. Why is it more acceptable to talk (complain) about how much weight you have to lose, than it is to share your success story? Is it that misery loves company? That if someone hears of another person’s triumphs that it will minimize their excuses? If I have that cupcake with you, will it make you feel less guilty?
    I have been a size 0-2 for most of my adult life and it has been hard freaking work! I don’t diet, I enjoy a lifestyle that doesn’t include fast food, high calorie foods, and excess sugar. Now, before people freak out about the size 0 thing, I am 5 feet, if I’m lucky. I have to put that disclaimer in because being a size zero gets people upset. Wait.. What?
    I get made fun of because of my size and can never verbalize any food concern because of it. One time I regretted having a high calorie frappuccino, which Carrie Burrows would tell you it wasn’t a smart choice, but everyone else said that I was skinny, so it doesn’t matter. I don’t think my blood sugar liked that choice either.
    I am not saying you have to be a size zero. No one is. In fact, if you’re strong enough, no one can tell you anything! People have said to me “If you think you’re fat, then what do you think I am” and I can honestly say that I don’t care! I don’t look at other women and judge their size. I don’t compare my body to others. I might compare my pre-baby body to post-baby, but that’s about it! I think women need to understand that being healthy (at a size 0 or a size 10) should only be important to themselves! I eat the way I do, exercise the way I do for me. (Ok, and for the kids. I’m a better mom when I’m active and eating right).
    So, the next time I want to share an great recipe or about how amazing it feels to run with the fall colours, I will. When “that person” starts to hate, I will encourage them to just try it. You never know, some things might change.

    1. Karen!!! So well said! Thank you so much for opening up and taking the time to comment.
      The double standard is there and I have lived both sides.
      Thank you again, I really appreciate you opening up and sharing your thoughts!!

  2. Part 2: you MUST write another blog about the extracurricular diet. I am a hockey/dance/lacrosse mom. Our lives are very busy. With shift working parents, life can be a juggling act. We knew this going in and we both agreed that we would not become fast food parents. It would be so much easier to order something or drive thru for food but would it? Would my son perform as well as he does in hockey? Could he run the laps required in lacrosse? If my daughter stuffs down some pizza before acro, will she feel OK while standing on her head? Will they be alert and hustle from place to place, or will they be sluggish and complain? Before and after a run, I need to fuel my body with the right foods in order to perform and recover. Why should kids be any different?
    So, I choose the easy way. I plan meals, prep food beforehand and use my crock pot like crazy. After all, isn’t it easier when everyone is happy and healthy?

  3. Thanks Carrie for posting this.

    I am a mom of two daughters (3 and 6 yrs old). I am diabetic who needed insulin and oral meds to control it…almost 2 years ago I was at my heaviest. I asked my doctor…”what do I do so that I can limit the medication I was taking?”…her response “exercise and lose weight”. I started slowly, changed my eating and exercising. 1 pound at a time, the weight was coming off. After 6 months, I reached my goal weight and no longer needed any medication to control my diabetes. Since then, I have maintained my weight and learned how much I enjoyed lifting weights, running, boxing, etc.

    Through this time, I have heard all those comments that you posted above. I choose to ignore them and live my life…teaching my daughters to be healthy and happy 🙂

    1. Natalie, congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment to no longer need medication. Making your health a priority is the key. Daily healthy habits and small changes lead to incredible things! Again, congratulations and thank you for reading.

  4. Right on! I used to let others get to me when they would question my {healthy} choices. I always found myself changing my habits a little bit when I’d go back home to be around family and friends. Not anymore! My mom can roll my eyes all she wants, we won’t be leaving to run errands until I’ve gone for my morning run :). Love your blog! Stopping by from HelloRunShine and Team #runDisney.

    1. HelloRunShine!!! Thank you for taking the time to read the post, really appreciate it. I think some people who are unhappy with themselves become food pushers and almost try to bully or guilt us into eating poorly or skipping workouts. Good for you for sticking your ground!!! Love my fam over at Team #runDisney!!

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