Fit is fantastic…fat is easy. No more excuses!

No Excuses!

“I have to keep junk food around for my kids and/or husband”

Lame! They shouldn’t be eating that stuff either!  Do you want your children to take on this same battle when they are older?  And lets be honest everyone…most of our spouses could use a little boot camp and healthier eating so get rid of the junk.

“I’ve tried to lose weight before, but I just can’t do it.”


Of course you can!!

You can do anything when you have the proper information.  You can lose the weight with the right program, the right knowledge and the right desire.

I have designed boot camp to give you optimal results BUT, you need to have the right information to make the right food choices and the correct exercise movements.  Yes, you can do it wrong!

If you have tried a diet centre diet/plan and you don’t believe you can do it on your own…then they have just scored a victory in their sales and marketing plan…they set you up for failure.

The next time you are about to say, “I can’t,” stop and ask yourself, “How can I not? This is my life!”

“I travel a lot and can’t get into a routine”

Amy travels all the time and she has maintained her 75+ lb. weight loss – because she is prepared–she always packs food for the plane-and always has healthy snacks so that she is never without a healthy choice.

Other things you can do is to stay at with hotels with gyms  – or you can do boot camp before bed in your hotel room-push ups, squats, lunges, crunches

Ordering when eating out? Get foods grilled or baked, get all dressings and sauces on the side, sub out starchy sides for steamed veggies.

Now that doesn’t sound too hard does it?????

I don’t have time

This is the one I hear all the time and it is total crap! Make the time. We all have 24 hours in a day…it’s how you use it.  Stop taking the time to come up with excuses and just do it.

No one has “free time” – so make the time!

I am sure you found the time to watch your favorite television show, right?!

You’re busy, and I get it, but you have to find a way to make your health a priority.

Scheduling workouts like you do appointments is a great start.

You can try to shift your schedule / work with your family to see if they can drop off the kids at hockey or soccer. The reality is that you must make the time.

You will have better health, and better self-esteem and more energy-it’s that is worth it!

My friends/family don’t eat healthy and it makes it hard for me to eat healthy.

You have to tell your family and friends what your health and fitness goals are and then tell them exactly how to support you. Maybe you need help in preparing extra meals, although that’s a waste of time when you can get them to join your new normal.

The only way they are going to know what you need and how to give it to you is if you tell them.   A bonus of this tactic is that it subconsciously re-affirms in your mind, what you are doing and how important it is for you to maintain your choices.

So ask them to eat healthy with you, and if they can’t do it, then ask them not to push food on you or ask you if you want bites.

Look back at the “Goal Setting Post” for more on this.

I have too many business lunches/dinners + social gatherings

If you think you can’t lose weight in that environment, than you are choosing to use them as an excuse for your own convenience.   You are choosing to make poor choices so you are right; you wont lose weight.  Take responsibility over your own actions!  Remember this one…what would you say to your children of they said, “Well everyone else was doing it so I did too!”

Seriously, is anyone really going to notice if you pass up the fat cakes and booze?  NO, you will never offend anyone by not making a pig of yourself, but you sure will if you belly up to the bar and hog all the food on a stick

If there is a chance that you can bring something to a dinner party or gathering, choose to bring healthy choices…that way you will always have something to fall back on.  You’ll know there is at least one healthy thing to eat.

And if you’re worried about offending people, remember don’t boast about what you are doing or get all, “I can’t eat that because…blah, blah, blah.”  Just say “no thank you” to the unhealthy fare.

What's your excuse?

So, got one? A good excuse that isn’t listed here? Try me out…give me your best shot.  Tell me your excuse and we’ll see what we can do for you.  Let me know, share your thoughts.




  1. I think over the years I have come up with quite a few great excuses, but that is all that they are excuses which at the end of the day make me feel lazy, fat and gross. When I feel an excuse coming on I make myself remember how great I feel eating the right stuff or going to boot camp. And I always try and think WWCD. Now that should steer anybody in the right direction!!

  2. Sure – it’s hard to lose weight and work to keep it off but everything comes easier when you are fit. It was worth the hard work. The hardest part for me…. Changing my habits.

    You are right – I travel a lot and I don’t know where I will be day to day. However, I plan ahead – lunch stuff loaded in my fridge every night and in my lunch bag every morning!! Boiled eggs, walnuts, prunes, fresh fruit, chopped veggies, unsweetened yogurt… It’s just as quick to load an insulated lunch bag as it is to wait in line at Timmies… And I feel way better!

    Also, your protein powder is a great way to get protein when I’m on the road – I keep it in baggies and just add to a bottle of water (it was tricky at first but I have it down to a science now!).


  3. For the longest time I have made everything and everyone else a priority, except myself. I swore I would never be the kind of mom/wife that looked a wreck while her kids and husband looked great – guess what? That’s what happened…
    I’ve been using the excuse of – my life is not normal right now .. between starting a new job, selling our house, buying a new one, and moving – I promised that when my life was “settled” I would get back on track. Well the time has arrived – enough is enough.

  4. What an inspiring comment Chrystal! Way to go!You are worth the effort!! Besides your husband can up pack some boxes while your at boot camp. Keep up the good work.

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