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I love that I get to help people change their lives  #honoured

I thought I would change things up today and see how you could help others.

We all have tips, tricks, strategies, go to emergency vices. You all (y’all) post things on Facebook/Twitter that you love or things that you are trying…so this is just the same!  #share

Share what you do so you can help others and gain some insight into what other healthy people are doing!!

Post your answers in the comments. 

DO THIS. Help others. Your one tip might make the difference for someone else and wouldn’t you like to learn a few things to help you!!! 

Here are the questions:

1. Favourite running/workout shoes  (you know I had to open with this one)

2. Fav healthy snack

3. Fav healthy breakfast (details…don’t just say oatmeal 🙂 – do you add almonds or almond milk)

4. What is your cheat/treat meal? 

5. Favourite motivation quote or saying

6. Biggest fitness accomplishment

7. What is your next fitness goal

8. What is your #1 tip to beat cravings

9. Favourite song to get you pumped up

10. What exercise move do you love to hate

11. Fav clothes to workout in

12. Fav protein shake combo

13. Any advice you would give to someone wanting to lose weight and get in shape? 

14. What keeps you motivated to keep working towards your goals


Answer as many as you can in the comments section. SHARE. Help each other out. Your breakfast idea or motivational quote might be that boost that someone is looking for!

It will only take a minute. You share your tips, and we will all learn!!

Caring is sharing people!! 





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