Focus Friday

Why is it the when the weekend comes a lot of people fall jump off the wagon?  Some people throw the rules out the window in terms of their good food and exercise goals.

“I’ve done so great all week, I’m going to treat myself.  Just a little something special.  A few drinks with friends, maybe some dessert. I owe it to myself.”

That mentality is NOT #WINNING (Hey what can I say, Charlie’s in town). That is an attitude destined for failure.

The truth is the damage you decide to do on the weekend often sets you back so far that you end up working all week hard just to get back on track.  At best you battle those extra calories just to break even.  You don’t get ahead.  You waste positive results gained from Monday to Friday just to blow it up on Saturday and Sunday.  Then they wonder why the scale isn’t moving.  Frustration sets in, self-doubt creeps up and then…the towel is thrown in and they give?

Sound familiar? Am I talking about you?  Well, remember; I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve felt the same way.  So, I offer you this advice from experience.


  • Decide right now as you are reading this that you are going to take charge of your health.
  • Decide that you will not go on a food bender
  • Decide that you will grocery shop for healthy food
  • Decide that on Sunday you will make a few meals for the week ahead
  • Decide to exercise
  • Decide to treat your body with respect (eating junk is totally disrespectful. You might as well eat dog food-most fast food is dog food grade meat–think about that for a sec)
  • Decide that your health is your foundation. Without your foundation you have nothing to support you.
  • Decide to be a role model for your children / family
  • Decide and commit to your goal
  • Decide that food cannot fill some emotional gap


  • Focus on yourself
  • Focus on what will make you healthier
  • Focus on what will help you get to your goal
  • Focus on your goal
  • Focus on people who will support and encourage you, not those that want to take you down and tempt you with food so you can be miserable like them.  Yeah, I said it, you know who you are.
  • Focus on getting endless energy

Get fired up about your life!

It is after all what you make it.  You can be sad that your clothes don’t fit or you can be focused on getting to your ideal size and making them fit!

If you know anything about me, you know I am cheering for you right now (wooooooohoooooo).  I want you to be healthy.  I want you to be happy.  I want you to get excited about life. I want you to be the healthiest and BEST you possible!

Decide and focus!

Let me know if you need a few more wooooooohoooooo’s to keep you going!!!




  1. Great work out last night Carrie! I was sinking to a lazy place and am so glad I went to boot camp — too many business dinners (even though I make pretty good choices, they take their toll), too many catered lunches (breads, salt, sugar), too much sitting all day in training sessions, long days, not sleeping so well — ughhh — VICIOUS CIRCLE!!! Made the DECISION to kick myself back into the exercise and nutrition habits that make me feel healthy and energized and will FOCUS on how much better I look, feel and accomplish when this diet and exercise stuff is working FOR ME. As always — thanks Carrie.

  2. Carrie – your timing is always BANG ON! I was just starting to sink into the afternoon sweet cravings .. thinking about the weekend ahead and how i sooo don’t want to reverse the progress i made this week .. thank you, yet again for the motivation and encouragement!

  3. I must share some late-breaking news! Lauren went out for a run this afternoon! I’m so proud of her — self discipline is not her strong suit. Keep up the great work Lauren!

  4. Sometimes your timing is so dead on, it’s as if you know what we are (or were) thinking.

    Eating healthy during the week seems so easy, everything is routine now that I’ve finally mastered the art of cooking enough chicken on the weekend so Monday to Thursday all that’s needed to organize dinner is add some salad to a plate and warm up the chicken. Within 5 minutes, dinner is ready and served. Then Friday comes around, my favourite addiction Tim Horton’s begins calling. Its Friday, it’s OK to have that cookie with your coffee you didn’t have one all week; great job, treat yourself (I’m sorry to report the cookie won).

    Friday also typically means take out night either my son’s favourite, pizza or my favourite wings and spinach dip, yum. Earlier in the week after reading one of Carrie’s motivational email’s I decided this Friday would be different, and I would make dinner instead of our traditional take out. It sounded easy at the time, but have you ever noticed some days you seem to notice all the temptations around you more so than on other days. Today was that day for me. I left work late and arrived home around 8 pm really hungry, I was off the hook for cooking dinner though as my son let me know earlier in the day he was going to a friends for dinner (yippee, I don’t have to cook).

    Before going home, I decided to make a routine stop at the gas station to fill up; as I stood there in line waiting to pay, the chocolate bars prominently on display began tempting me with their two for one offer, then I spied my favourite peanut butter cups. It’s a good thing no one can hear your thoughts, as my mouth began watering (truly) and my brain commanded me to pick up the yummy peanut butter cups I could hear the inner battle begin “I don’t need it, I don’t want it. I don’t need it, I don’t want it. No, wait I really do want it, buy it, buy me, why deprive yourself. What was that? Why deprive yourself?” This was the phrase that did it, my internal voice won the battle with what I’m sure were Carrie’s words, yes that’s right why deprive yourself from a healthy life and slimmer waist line (I realized only this morning that my belt buckle was down a notch, yippee). I’m proud to say, I walked out paying only for my gas and headed home. Temptation averted.

    Or so I thought. On my next stop to drop off some movies, I pulled into the parking lot and saw, a pizza place and a sub shop. Immediately, I started thinking which one would l like for dinner.
    Thankfully, almost as soon as the dinner thought came to mind so did the “why deprive yourself” thought? It didn’t stop there, just when I thought the temptations were over for the evening, I walk into Rogers and immediately saw yet another favourite, salty potato chips.
    It may not work tomorrow, but this evening that simple phrase “why deprive yourself” helped me make the right choices. Thank-you Carrie, for helping me (and I’m sure many others) change the interpretation of “why deprive yourself”. Last month, this question would have been all I needed to succumb to temptation. In case, anyone is wondering the salty delight remained in the store and I went home and made a healthy dinner.

  5. Tania–WAY TO GO!!! So super proud of you!!! Thank you so much for sharing that. You are better for making your healthy dinner!! And a hi-5 for having to tighten up the belt–that is awesome!!! Just going through the thought process of why you don’t need the junk food shows you are well on your way!!!
    Again, so very proud of you!!!!

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