Friday Fav’s

This week has flown by!  I’m lucky girl. I was able to celebrate Canada Day (remotely) on Tuesday and today is Independence Day, July 4th in the US so more celebrations to come!

I had a great response from last week’s Friday Fav’s so I thought I would share again what I am loving this week.

First up, coconut oil…yes coconut oil. I have been using coconut oil for years in my protein shakes or to cook with. Now, coconut oil has taken on the job of a few things in my house, thanks to Pinterest. (If you are on Pinterest, let me know! )

It is hands down, the BEST and cheapest makeup remover. It is the only product that has ever taken off all of my waterproof mascara. It also conditions your eyelashes to help them grow #doublewin

What else do I use coconut oil for…let me list how it has been used in Casa de Burrows this week:

  • soothe bug bites on the kiddos
  • facial & body moisturizer
  • post shower: I put it in the twins hair to help soften and condition it from all of the chlorine.  It works just like very expensive Moroccan oil but at a fraction of the cost.
  • sunburn soother, just like Aloe.

I picked up my big tub of coconut oil at Costco (no surprise there)




Next up is a product I never thought I would buy but I did thanks again to the magic of the Internet.

I saw one too many video’s of people burning their hair off so I thought a little protection might help. I rarely flat iron my hair because it is pin straight. The humidity does poof up my hair or if I wash my hair at night and go to bed  with wet hair my hair is a mess and it takes a ton of work to get it to look normal, so I’ll use the flat iron to save me time in those instances.

I use my hair dryer everyday and have never really thought about the heat of the hair dryer being damaging. I picked up L’Oreal Heat Protection Spray ($4.99-Walmart) I figured it couldn’t hurt and with fingers crossed protect my hair from heat damage.

Happy to report that IT WORKS! It claims to protect your hair from heat damage, calms frizz, seals in shine, and blocks humidity – AND IT DOES! It totally works. I was completely skeptical but it really works!!

LOREAL heat spray



Lastly, is my Friday Fav recipe…a healthy recipe that I could eat everyday.


I keep it super simple, I mix eggs (usually 6 or so) a healthy splash of almond milk and add in chopped veggies. If you have leftovers from the last few days consider putting them in as well. I like to spice mine up a little (garlic, pepper, italian seasoning and a little cayenne pepper)

– bake at 350 for 15-20 min

In the morning, I warm it up for a quick breakfast or have it at lunch paired with salad–easy peasy!



Transparency Disclaimer: I purchased all of these products and I have not been asked to write this. I’m sharing my favourites because they actually are a few of my favourite things and I love to share healthy food, snack and product choices that I like.  BUT if any companies or brands want to sponsor me, you can always connect with me 🙂 .





  1. Is that bacon in your frittata? And you forgot one other use for coconut oil, swish it in your mouth to whiten teeth.
    P.S, Miss you!

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